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win essay contestWin essay contest

Win essay contest. presents an opportunity to students all over the world to showcase their talents in writing essays rather than stick to the academic regiment in the hope that will somehow figure out their compositional skills. Our defining goal is to help students hone their writing skills, get recognition from the writing fraternity, and by the same token get a reward for being a writing virtuoso.

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The time is right that those who view themselves as talented or plainly determined entered this cycle’s essay writing contest. It would be a waste of the self and society that you suppressed your writing talent. This is a chance for you to show the world what you are made of as far as composition goes. This is an opportunity to weigh yourself against other zealous writers throughout the world and a chance to put your talent to the test.

Prizes Available

Rewarding the best writers is the crown that every comparatively enthused writer entering this contest would be hoping to achieve. We have settled on three winning positions for this contest; the best will receive $ 2,000, while the second and third-best $ 1, 000 each. It does not end there either. With permission from the authors of three winning essays, we will display on our website the essays, additionally a short bio of the writers. We will also help with the recognition of the top three winners by sharing the essays on social media platforms with links pinging back directly to the writer’s profiles.


Akin to any other contests, this writing contest is time-bound.  Ultimately, the deadline for the submission of essays elapses on  27th November 2017. A strong reminder is that we will not be accepting any essays after the deadline. Our judges shall swing into action immediately after the deadline and deliver their judgment within a span of five days.


Following instructions is one of the qualities of a good writer. Read the instructions below on what we expect from you in this contest. Remember, failure to adhere to the following instructions would compel a swift disqualification from the contest. Make due diligence to read and re-read each of them.


The judges on the review panel are highly skilled and seasoned writers and academicians as well so you know their final say is dependable. They will review and settle on the best essays on time. So worry not about the number of applicants. They may be numerous. The judges will read each word in every essay. Worth noting is that in the spirit of fairness, your names will stay non-disclosed to the judges until all essays have been reviewed and the winners identified as a precaution against any inadvertent biasedness. You may want to see how to write a definition essay. 


Below are some of the topics that prompt an interesting essay and therefore they should guide your writing. To win essay contest, Strictly pick one and write an essay on it. Do not import any additional topics into your essay once you have picked what you want to write about.

Entry Instructions

Participating in this win essay contest is as simple as choosing a topic, then composing a 600 to 800-word article and submitting to the email [email protected] If you already know how to write an academic essay then there should not be any barrier for you to participate and deliver. You might want to research about how to win essay contest thorough academic essay writing. If you have no idea about it and are determined to overcome such a shortcoming then you may want to see our Euthanasia essay sample.

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