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, you will practice reflecting on your own life and social worlds by applying the analytic category “intersectionality

Student Reflection Essay Example

In this Student Reflection Essay Example, you will practice reflecting on your own life and social worlds by applying the analytic category “intersectionality.”

As stated in the Course Notes, “Intersectionality” refers to the situated ways that our lives form through the simultaneous action of multiple forms of power.

Your paper should demonstrate your understanding of this category by applying the category to explaining aspects of your own life and/or the social worlds in which you grew up or now live.

In units 1 and 2, we examined gender, sexuality, race, and nation as major aspects of our lives and social worlds that are shaped by power. These are reflective essay examples for high school.

In Unit 3, we examine gender again as well as class, disability, and age. Each of these aspects of our lives is shaped by interlocking power relationships, such as sexism, cissexism, heterosexism, racism, colonialism, imperialism, capitalism, ableism, and ageism.

How to write a reflective essay for university

As you get ready to write this paper, reflect on how your life or the social worlds in which you grew up or now live were shaped are shaped by some set of qualities named in the paragraph above.

Then, decide how you will narrate the specific intersectionality of those qualities as they act in your life and/or social worlds.

The style of your paper may read more as a social analysis, which can address your life or social worlds at some analytical distance; or, it may be read more as you telling a story about your life or social worlds, in which case you may use a more personal tone of voice. Reflective essay introduction. How to write a reflective essay for university examples.

Whichever approach you take, please be sure to include in your paper the two following, crucial qualities

At an appropriate point — most likely the first paragraph or page — clearly define the concept “intersectionality” as you understand it, based on the Course Notes and Required Materials. However, don’t spend too much time defining the term. The point of this paper is not to write a “definition” of intersectionality but to illustrate the concept through your analysis/story. Student Reflection Essay Example.
At an appropriate point — most likely, as the last page or paragraph of the paper — clearly argue in your own words WHY the analysis/story you’ve written illustrates the concept of “intersectionality.” In this case, don’t spend too little time on this, because illustrating and arguing this point ultimately is the purpose of the paper. It should prepare you for senior year reflection essay.

Reflective essay examples for high school

While you have permission to write in a more personal and reflexive way than you would in a more formal essay, you still must incorporate at least two (2) sources from the Required Material (E-Reserves, websites, and/or visual media) from Units 1 or 2 in your paper; and you may use sources from Unit 3 if you have read ahead. There is no upper limit on the number of sources from Required Material that you may cite.

The essay should consist of 3-4 pages of prose, double-spaced, 1” margins, in Times New Roman 12-pt font. Number your pages starting with the first page of prose. Papers that are below or exceed the expected number of pages will be docked 5% from their final grade.

Attach a title page (which should not be numbered). The title page should include an original title for your essay. Also attach a Works Cited or References page at the end of the essay. Neither the title page nor the Works Cited / References page will count towards the total number of pages required for essay length. When writing reflective essay examples for high school.

Citations in this paper must be based on either the MLA or Chicago style guides.

Assignments must be submitted as a Word document. Student Reflection Essay Example help writing.

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