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In what ways in Enkidu a “foil” or counterpoint to Gilgamesh?

After reading The Epic of Gilgamesh in our textbook, consider the following discussion questions.  Please click on the blue links for additional information you will need to know. CHOOSE OF THE FOLLOWING QUESTION

In what ways in Enkidu a foil or counterpoint to Gilgamesh?

1. Why might we consider Gilgamesh a bad king at the beginning of this Sumerianwork?

2. Discuss the main themes: friendship, the quest for wordly fame and the search for immortality.

3. In what ways in Enkidu a “foil” or counterpoint to Gilgamesh?

4.What dangers does Gilgamesh encounter as he begins his quest for immortality? How does he overcome them?

5. Why do you think Gilgamesh tears apart the ferryman’s boat? Is it in his nature to do so? Explain.

6. Explain the story of the flood. Why does it occur? What does Utnapishtim do? Why?

7. Explain the two challenges Gilgamesh fails in paradise. Why does he fail?

8. Gilgamesh is considered by many to be the first hero of epic poetry. Why?

“Gilgamesh” was written in the ancient Sumerian language known as cunieform. Click the following link to read more: Cunieform page

In what ways in Enkidu a “foil” or counterpoint to Gilgamesh?

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