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Vila Health: Data-Driven Strategic Planning

Vila Health: Data-Driven Strategic Planning

Vila Health: Data-Driven Strategic Planning. Strategic planning in health care organizations typically encompasses gathering data, reviewing past performance, and seeking stakeholder input. Often health care organizations look at previous strategic plans and analyze them for gaps or miscalculations of data. Health care managers must be able to improve strategic plans as their organizations grow or adapt to changes in the health care environment. In this assignment, you will have the opportunity to gather information in regard to previous strategic plans at Vila Health and interview stakeholders to determine gaps and develop a new more accurate plan going forward.
In this assignment, you will view the Vila Health scenario. You will assume the role of a manager as part of a strategic planning and development team. You will review Vila Health’s recently acquired skilled nursing facility’s strategic plans, analyzing them for gaps. You will then interview stakeholders as well as organizational leaders to get an understanding of the vision for the future and stakeholder needs. Finally, you will make recommendations for improving the strategic plan utilizing current and past data to ensure stakeholder needs are being met.
To be successful in this assignment, you need to complete the following:
•    Complete the Vila Health scenario, including interviews with various staff and stakeholders of both the corporate offices and the skilled nursing facility.
•    Research scholarly and proven approaches to evaluating a strategic plan.
•    Develop goals and objectives for the organization to meet stakeholder needs and transform organizational vision into action, based on your research.
•    Develop a 10–15-slide PowerPoint presentation for the current leadership team.
In your presentation:
•    Outline gaps in the previous strategic plans.
•    Describe important data to ensure gaps are being filled.
•    Present stakeholder needs and organizational vision.
•    Present new goals and objectives to transform the vision into action and meet stakeholder needs.
Make sure the PowerPoint presentation includes a reference slide with a minimum of four scholarly references published within the past 5 years.
Pay attention to the critical elements that form part of the grading criteria for this assignment:
•    Analyze a current strategic plan to identify needs and gaps in the plan.
•    Analyze current quality improvement projections and budgets.
•    Recommend specific improvements to the current measurable goals in a health care strategic plan.
•    Develop a plan to transform data and organizational vision into a strategic plan.
•    Apply appropriate evaluation models to help health care organizations analyze their strategic planning process.
•    Develop specific objectives and goals for a health care organization’s strategic plan.
•    Establish priorities for quality performance improvement based on past performance data and stakeholder input.
Writing Requirements
Your presentation should meet the following requirements:
•    Length: 10–15 slides (excluding the title slide and references list). Include slide numbers, headings, and running headers.
•    References: A minimum of four current peer-reviewed references (published within the last 5 years).
•    Formatting: Use current APA style and formatting, paying particular attention to citations and references.  Vila Health: Data-Driven Strategic Planning

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