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Textual Analysis of The Shift by Theresa Brown

Textual Analysis of The Shift by Theresa Brown.
A textual analysis requires you to analyze the text in terms of general themes and concepts learned in class.  Papers to be 3 to 5 pages long, 12 pt. double-spaced.
Guidelines for textual analysis.
The method is textual because your paper is about the “text” (i.e. the book THE SHIFT by Theresa Brown), not about its subject matter. your paper is an “analysis” because you take the author’s main points are using concept from class readings.
There are main areas addressed in a textual analysis:
1) Summary: instead of summarizing everything the author had to say, you will focus on how the author deals with one ( or more) important sociological concepts pr ideas in this book. Describe the concept, using materials from class. What the author saying about sociological concept. Describe how the author and or the text or characters illustrate or illuminate this concept. (quote any evidence from the book)
2) Analysis: what evidence is used to support the argument you/the author is making? How is the sociological concept illustrated? the text itself serves as the source of the data, and you will use some specific examples from the text and quotes to show how the sociological concept you are analyzing is “explained” in the text. ( talk about the author, who she is, and what is like to be a nurse).
3) Evaluation: is the author’s augment clear? is there adequate evidence to support the conclusions? is the text well written? what are the strength and weakness of the text?
you might talk about health care, technology, nurses…..


Textual Analysis of The Shift by Theresa Brown

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