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Take a particular argument or ideas from the text and analyze them.

Take a particular argument or ideas from the text and analyze them.  This means one of a few possible things:
a) trying to make all of the premises of an argument (including implicit ones) clear in
relation to the intended conclusion;
b) explaining the meaning of difficult ideas or a position taken by the philosopher by     drawing out several related quotations and linking them together in a sensible way;     c) detecting and exposing a significant point that is only implied in the text, including     bias or unwarranted presuppositions.
I have done all of this in class regularly, so that could be your guideline.

3)  Write an introductory paragraph which states the context of the argument or ideas you plan to analyze, and ends with your thesis statement.  Your thesis should state what your main point is, and this will making some sort of judgment about the validity of the idea you are analysing.

4)  Explain the argument or the ideas being presented in the text as explicitly as possible.  This should take roughly two or three paragraphs, and should include at least three direct quotations.  Each quotation should be followed by a page number and paragarph or line number where possible.  Any format for citation will do.
5)  Assess the argument or ideas you have just analyzed.  Can you think of any objections to pose?  Are there any errors or assumptions being made by the philosopher?  And if you agree with the philosopher, how might someone else object, and how would you respond to that objection?

6) Conclude with a very brief statement of what you believe you have accomplished in your essay along with any further thoughts you might have about the matter, including why the issue might be significant, how it is related to other philosophers, etc.

provide an example of a falsifiable statement or theory in economics and discuss why this specific statement is scientific according to Popper by identifying its potential falsifiers and explaining the importance of these.

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