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Students will be required to compare and contrast two books

Compare and Contrast Books Essay Examples

For this paper, students will be required to compare and contrast two books, Jonathan
Gruber’s Health Care Reform and John Goodman’s Priceless: Curing the Healthcare

The paper should include:

a. A section that is a brief comprehensive summary of the Gruber book and parts III
and IV of the Goodman book (I encourage students to read parts I and II of the
Goodman book, but I do not require students to write about it)

b. A section where each book is analyzed and critiqued (the whole Gruber book and
parts III and IV of the Goodman book) separately using solid economic theory.

i. This section should include an evaluation of the author’s arguments, being
sure to cite the strengths and weaknesses found; that is, what did the
authors do well (and why is it right), what didn’t they do well (and why
isn’t it the best approach), what could they have done differently, etc.

c. A section where each book is compared and contrasted jointly (the whole Gruber
book and parts III and IV of the Goodman book) using solid economic theory.

i. This section should compare and contrast the primary ideas of each author
(don’t get bogged down in the details, which can be a trap).

What are the main differences? What are the main similarities?

ii. This section should also consider improvements that could be made to
what Gruber and Goodman advocate.

Should one author’s primary approach be emphasized over another?

Blend the two approaches?

Why or why not?

2. Papers should conform to and follow APA 6th Edition style and formatting guidelines.
The only guideline a student can skip is the inclusion of an abstract.

To be clear, the paper does not need to have an abstract.

Please follow all of the other guidelines.


The font must be Times New Roman size 12.

The expected length of the body of the paper is 2,000-2,250 words.

This is more than enough room for students who are concise.

compare and contrast two books Examples

3. Students should not simply give their opinion.

Research should be carefully conducted to back up statements with resources that are cited.

a. Papers should have at least five references (in addition to the Gruber and
Goodman books), which should be formatted according to APA style.

Students should be sure to cite each reference and the Gruber and Goodman books both in
the text and in the reference list.

Furthermore, these should be references that have not been cited by the author of either book.

If any course material from lectures or the textbook is used, it should also be cited in the text and in the
reference list.

Everything must be cited.

b. To be clear, each student’s paper must have at least 5 references to 5 separate

The course textbook, the Goodman book, the Gruber book, and any
citations found in these three resources do not count toward the 5 references.

Each reference needs to be cited within the paper.

It is not enough to put 5 references into a reference list at the end of the paper and never cite them within the body of
the paper.

The 5 references need to be actively included in the body of your paper.

4. Below are a few sources containing information about writing a compare and contrast
paper and writing well.

Students should take a look at these prior to writing their paper.

Students should not use quotes unless absolutely necessary. It is generally better for
students to provide the information in their own words and cite the source.

Finally, students should be sure to proofread their paper, and if possible, have someone
else proofread it, as it is often difficult to catch some mistakes after having spent a
significant amount of time working on this paper.

5. Any student unfamiliar with what constitutes plagiarism should see the University of
Southern Mississippi’s plagiarism tutorial available at

All papers will be submitted to a Turnitin DropBox (see the next page of instructions for details) and checked for

A significant amount of plagiarism will result in a grade of 0 for this assignment and a report being filed with appropriate university personnel.

Ignorance is not an excuse.

Comparison and Contrast Topics

Any student unsure about the plagiarism issue should ask me about it.

6. Each student will be scored according to how well the instructions above are followed.
Grades will be broken down as follows:

a. Summary of the books (all of the Gruber book and only sections III and IV for the
Goodman book) – 25%

b. Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the authors’ arguments separately –

c. Comparing and contrasting each book jointly (all of the Gruber book and only
sections III and IV of the Goodman book); your improvements – 25%

d. Overall read (includes: citations, grammar, sentence structure, etc…) – 25%

i. Note: this also includes plagiarism, which will be assessed using Turnitin.

Serious plagiarism will result in serious consequences.

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compare and contrast two books

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