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social sciences brainstorming report


social sciences brainstorming report


social sciences brainstorming report. Before beginning your assignment, think and browse about the general theme of ‘conspiracies and myths of distrust’. Identify three different topic that might interest you enough to study independently in this course. Try to think about three topics that are very different from each other, and don’t be afraid to be original or creative.

You are encouraged to brainstorm with people outside of this class. Maybe call a family member, tell them about your first week of classes, and ask them for ideas. If you have a friend who is really interested in this topic, they may have some ideas. Or maybe you might want to use this assignment as an excuse to chat with some of the people you’ve just met on campus. No matter whom you talk to, do talk to someone. Because we want as many original ideas in our class as possible, try to avoid discussing with peers in this class. For now.


Compose a report of 1 page in length (single-spaced) that explains your three topics. For each topic, formulate a research question that captures what you’re interested in learning more about. Be sure to write the question as a question, ending in a question mark. (i.e. Why do so many students always forget to phrase their question as a question?)

In essence, your assignment will be made up of three (3) different research questions, with each followed by a paragraph explaining the question and providing commentary. You might explain:

  • How you came up with the topic;
  • Why it interests you;
  • Any related questions that are linked to the topic;
    •Why you think it would make for a good research exploration;
  • Who, if anyone, you talked to about it; and/or
  • What they thought or said about the topic.


This assignment should be submitted via the digital Drop-Box function on Avenue to Learn. Within Avenue, the Dropbox feature can be found under the Assessments tab.

Sample Brainstorming Assignment

Student Name: Gerald P. Pfeffernusse
Student Number: 1122334

Inquiry Theme: Ethics Across Borders

Question 1: When government leaders commit war crimes and other atrocities against their people, why are they often not brought to justice at an international court?

I have been reading a lot about the humanitarian crisis in Darfur because my older sister is a big George Clooney fan, and he has made a few videos explaining why the international community ought to do something. I did a bit of Internet research and there is already an International Court of Justice and an International Criminal Court. So if those things already exist then how do so many people get away with committing human rights crimes when everybody knows they’re guilty? I would like to know more about these Courts and how they work in order to help me figure out this problem.

Question 2: What are some of the problems with giving foreign aid to other countries?

I saw an interview on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart where the author being interviewed had written a book called ‘Dead Aid’. She was from a poor African country but she argued that despite how things seem, giving ‘aid’ funding is not always the best way to help countries that are underdeveloped or in crisis. I’m curious to know more about this argument, because I would think that giving aid would be a good thing. I also know that my old boss used to say that we should spend no money at all on helping people outside Canada, which doesn’t seem right to me. Is that what critics of humanitarian aid think too? I find it all very confusing but I would like to know more.

Question 3: What was Apartheid in South Africa, and how did it last so long?

I have heard a lot about Nelson Mandela and I know that he is a hero in South Africa and around the world. When I looked him up for a project in high school, I saw that he was famous for fighting against Apartheid, which was a form of racial segregation. But I don’t understand how exactly it worked, or why the majority of the people who were being oppressed didn’t rise up and have a revolt or something. And I’m curious to know how the international community responded. Did they try to stop it from the outside? And what finally caused Apartheid to end? These are some of the questions I’m interested in, and I think they relate to our course theme because the whole world should have been trying to stop Apartheid if it was as bad I think it was.

Note: This assignment was obviously for a different Inquiry theme, but the structure is the same.

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