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Who would be your second choice? Why? How would your leadership approach differ based on their strengths/weaknesses?

A Difficulty Hiring Decision


Case Overview:
In this assignment, you will select among three highly qualified candidates for an important managerial position. In doing so, you are required to establish the set of criteria that you believe should be taken into account when making this important hiring decision for the bank. Through the process of considering and prioritizing potential criteria with respect to the three potential candidates, you will and reflect upon the vision, mission and core ethical values of the bank as well as your personal leadership style.

For this assignment, you will:
(1) Identify your leadership style.
a. Complete the Path Goal Questionnaire and Skills Inventory.
b. Calculate your scores and identify your leadership styles/preferences.
(2) Identify and explain the key factors of the case (1+ pages).
a. Read the case, “A Difficulty Hiring Decision at Central Bank.”
b. Based on your readings, identify the key situational/contingency factors involved in this case. This should include (but should not be limited to):
i. The job posting.
ii. The bank’s mission/vision/values in relation to the job posting.
iii. Any other pertinent background information.
iv. You can include information regarding the previous VP (Mark Smith) and his performance, but do not include information on the candidates (save that for the next section).
(3) Assume this person will report to you. Choose the best person for the position (2+ pages)
a. Your decision should not be based on mere speculation and feelings (in other words, avoid phrases like, ‘I think’ or ‘I believe’). Instead, support your decision with clear terms, facts and statements from the case and textbook.
b. Your decision should be based on many factors, including (but not limited to):
i. The candidate’s qualifications in relation to your interpretation of Central Bank’s vision, mission, & core values.
ii. How your choice compares to the performance of the previous VP (Mark Smith).
iii. Any other pertinent information from the case.
c. How would you “manage” your relationship with the new VP? Respond based on your results on the Path-Goal and Skills Questionnaires in part 1, as well as what you learned about the situational approach.
d. Who would be your second choice? Why? How would your leadership approach differ based on their strengths/weaknesses? Who would be your second choice? Why? How would your leadership approach differ based on their strengths/weaknesses?

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