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Sean “PDiddy” CombsWhat do they say about this leader?

Sean “PDiddy” Combs


Sean “PDiddy” CombsWhat do they say about this leader?

What do they say about this leader? What do you say?

In this assignment, you will choose a leader – from the list below or get another approved by your instructor – and analyze their leadership skills, overall organizational structure and behavior of the company.

You are expected to draw heavily from “They Say I Say” for this 4 -5 page research paper. You will be reading many trade journal articles and other sources for this assignment. It’s crucial that you synthesize what is said about your leader with your own analysis.

In this term, we’ve learned how to summarize what others say about a topic, quote them, add what we say and use the art of metacommentary to make sense of it all. This paper must not be a list of assorted facts from company websites. We can find this information for ourselves; what is important is how you interpret, analyze and present your findings in writing.

Use the following as a guide. You may add more information than required here, but not less.

  1. Career path. Discuss the person’s professional history and how they came to their position. Be sure to discuss any failed attempts along the way and how they reacted. Bring in Goleman to illustrate their use – or lack – of emotional intelligence. Sean “PDiddy” CombsWhat do they say about this leader?
    2. Find articles in business journals on their responses to company successes and crises. Once you have the information, analyze it to find meaning. Refer to Chapter 7 of “They Say I Say” for templates to help you determine why the information matters.
    3. You may write in a narrative style, however, this should NOT be simply a story of the person’s life. Choose at least 3-4 significant events in their career and analyze those events, supporting your points with evidence from your research and Goleman.
    4. Your conclusion should be a commentary (you say) of the larger implications of your analysis. For example, if your leader has an aggressive style that alienates employees, consider what this means for the future of the company, and perhaps even the industry.
    5. You will also need to provide at least 6-8 outside sources

Please make sure you comment heavily on his Emotional Intelligence and awareness use Goleman’s theories found in “Working with emotional Intelligence” Please try to find interviews where people whom he’s worked with made comments. Please be absolutely specific and thorough. Sean “PDiddy” CombsWhat do they say about this leader?

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