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How to Write a Successful Satire Analysis Essay

How to Write Satirical Essays

This article intends to explain what a satire essay is and provide you with a complete guideline on how to write a satire analysis essay. It includes written examples to provide further assistance.

Satirical essays are a type of descriptive essay that employs satire to create attention towards a topic.

These types of essays are considered demanding since they require extensive knowledge of the chosen topic. You are required to integrate humor while highlighting the oddities of real-life situations. Satirical essays are humorous in nature. However, some situations require the essay to use a serious tone to highlight the seriousness of the matter.

Though satirical essays are considered among the most demanding type of essay, the good news is that it is easy to master the required writing style that ensures you deliver quality satirical essays. You should master to incorporate humor, hyperbole, and irony in your essays to deliver successful essays.

After the mastery, writing satirical essays becomes easy and fun.

Satire Writing Exercises

The initial step while undertaking your satirical essay is to understand the requirements of the task.

At this stage, you should first understand the assignment. That way, you will be able to know the satire analysis essay topic or culture that they should satirize. This also equips you with the tools on how to start a satire analysis essay. You ought to consider the length of the essay and the technical requirements of the essay. This step also helps a student determine the formatting style.

Writing a successful satire analysis essay also requires students to understand satire writing.

A good start in understanding satire writing is reading a satirical essay example. We recommend that you read Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal, ranked as among the best satirical essays of all-time. Further essays can be found on The Onion, a satire website with many satirical essays covering diverse topics.

Satirical essays are flexible since they allow you to write an essay using the first-person perspective. You can incorporate a lot of information related to the selected topic from diverse avenues.

Consider writing a satirical essay on the topic of leaked tapes where Trump was saying demeaning things about women. Your essay should use E.L James ‘Fifty Shades of Gray to show that women should not feel offended by Trump.

The trilogy depicts a male character that maliciously controls women into submitting to him. Thus, your essay should be written in first-person, Christian Grey (the main character) to satirize the actions/words of Trump.

To further understand flexibility when writing satirical essays, consider the actions of Ryan Lochte. The Olympic swimmer said that he had been robbed while in actual sense, he was the wrong-doer. To satirize the event, you can write an essay on Lotche advising Kardashian-West on what to do after a Robbery. The work would allow you to use third-person perspective to add irony and hyperbole in the essay.  

Examples of Satire analysis Essay Topics

Satirical essays can be written about any topic. Satirical essays are most appropriate for addressing popular cultural and political topics. The satirical topic should be dynamic. They should be dynamic to reflect the changing cultural, social, and political issues. Examples of satirical essay subjects can include:

Will Mexico pay for the wall?

Getting a date on tinder

President Trump is unique from all other presidents

How to save a life on Facebook live

There is no climate change

Curing diseases through music

AIDS is a myth

Prepare to live in space after 2020

We all need guns

How to Brainstorm Satirical Essays

Brainstorming is an integral part of writing an essay and is of crucial importance to satirical essays.

Brainstorming allows you to collect a lot of information about a topic and create a bubble map ideal for writing satirical essays. A bubble map allows you to collect diverse words that are related to your selected topic. The words may not be satirical but they are associated with the topic or the character under discussion.

A bubble map of Donald Trump would contain words associated to him. Such words include: businessman, president, father, divorced, New York City, married, real estate, The Apprentice, Home Alone, and billionaire. This bubble map contains words that are associated to Trump. Such words are critical in a descriptive essay as they bring about a lot of avenues from where to get information. The bubble map helps you in understanding the topic deeper so as to satirize it better. 

An Ideal Thesis Statement

Writing an ideal thesis statement is a key requirement when writing a descriptive essay such as a satire analysis essay.

A statement shows the reader the intent of the essay and how that goal will be attained. Thesis statement provides clarity about the ideas, goals, and the deliverables of the essay. Writing a thesis statement can sometimes be tricky due to the nature of satire that uses irony and hyperbole. The credibility of a thesis statement of a satire analysis essay is not always genuine considering the selected topic.

Satire Thesis Statement Examples

Therefore, thesis statements for satirical essays can be:

  • The US should consider imposing a total ban on burka as it infringes on the religious rights of Christians, undermines the right to body autonomy, while it is sexist towards the female body.
  • People to should take maximum care of their jewelry and other valuables by ensuring that they remain inconspicuous at the safety of a deposit, while travelling with limited essential jewelry for use only. (Author: Kim Kardashian- West)
  • There is a simple formula for having a successful marriage that entails having a secret wife while still married, get some kids with the secret wife before you officially divorce the first wife to marry the secret wife and finally, ensure you are always high on pot. (Author: Brad Pitt)..
  • Countries should withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement because climate change is a hoax invented in China, and is contrary to proven scientific facts that climate change does not exist. (Author: Donald J. Trump).

The statements highlight that the author of the topic plays a role while structuring your thesis statement. In addition, readers can also add to the overall satire. Jimmy Carter and Donald Trump have a reputation for offending women.

Thus, it is satirical for Jimmy to write to Trump on the need to loosen up since they share similar experiences. In the same case, it would be ironical for Bill Clinton to advice Obama about being a husband. Clinton had a bad history being a husband while in office while Obama was an ideal husband.

Double-satire occurs in many instances such as Miley Cyrus critiquing girls for dressing provocatively. Madonna on the issue of publicity stunts while discussing the public behavior of Lady Gaga. Double-satire is also evident when Pete Rose, a cheater, criticizes a clean Tom Brad. In satirical essays, a thesis statement can take a double-satire structure. It is important to note that the statement may not always be credible. The credibility depends on the author or the audience.

Satire Topics for High School Student

Satire topics for students relevant for essays are derived from the prevailing events. There is a rich collection of viable current events though they may not be cited. However, the student should ensure that such events are satirical in nature. The students should possess rich knowledge of such event. However, political satire analysis essay topics are not ideal since it is difficult to tell if they are satire.

Therefore, students should use scholarly resources since they are credible and unbiased as satirical essay resources.

The scholarly resources selected should not be more than three years old since the date of publication.

Satire Essay Resources

Apart from academic resources, newspapers, and credible websites ending with .org or .com are also viable sources. Also, magazines are credible sources for satirical topics. However, older publications may be used in the event that they have been updated with current information. The writer should just ensure that they notify the readers of such updated information.

However, the students should be wary some .com websites that are not reputable., encyclopedia and are among the .com websites that are not reputable, hence not ideal for sources. Despite this, they may act as a source of draft information and broaden your scope of understanding. The sites provide general information concerning the topic and help in coming up with list of references. Google Scholar search engine is recommended as an ideal source of high-quality and peer-reviewed academic sources.

Other important resources include generic news websites. The websites of CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News contain historical and up-to-date news relevant for satirical topics. However, generic news websites also contains commentaries and opinions that may be biased. Additionally, commentaries may also contain false information to skew the opinion of the reader. Therefore, students should differentiate between news and shows while selecting the topic to avoid bias in the essay.

How to Cite the Sources

Sources used when writing satirical essays should be cited to enhance the credibility of your assertions. Citing sources is important when the essay incorporates actual figures, dates, and facts to back-up the data. Instructions often contain the required citation method, while in others; the student is allowed to select the format.

There are several citation methods used in academic papers, but the most popular include MLA (Modern Language Association), Chicago/ Turabian, and APA (America Psychological Association).

How to Cite in APA Style

For in-text Citation:

Prevalence of domestic violence indicates the overall tendency towards violence and may be used to predict homicide cases (Iratzoqui & McCutcheon, 2018).

Citing the source in references

Iratzoqui, A., & McCutcheon, J. (2018). The influence of domestic violence in homicide cases. Homicide Studies22(2), 145-160.

How to Cite in MLA

For in-text Citation:

Family group conferences safeguards the welfare of children affected by domestic violence (Rogers & Parkinson 106)

Citing the source in the Works Cited:

Rogers, Michaela, and Kate Parkinson. “Exploring approaches to child welfare in contexts of domestic violence and abuse: Family group conferences.” Child & Family Social Work 23.1 (2018): 105-112.

How to cite in Chicago

In-text citation:

Prevalence of domestic violence indicates the overall tendency towards violence and may be used to predict homicide cases (Iratzoqui & McCutcheon 2018, pp 149).

How to cite in the Bibliography:

Iratzoqui, Amaia, and James McCutcheon. “The influence of domestic violence in homicide cases.” Homicide Studies 22, no. 2 (2018): 145-160.

Examples of Satire Analysis Essays

It is important to first explore some written satire analysis essays to guide you in formatting your essay to ensure that it conforms to the chosen style. The links below provide useful examples:

Satire in Huckleberry Finn Essay

Satire on Terrorism and the TSA

Satire in the Simpsons

Custom Essay on a Satirical Topic

The above guidelines are essential how to write a satire analysis essay. They will make you more confident when handling such essays. However, we understand the challenge of writing satirical essays and that is why we are here to help. Our team of professional writers is dedicated to helping you at any stage of your assignment. We help in choosing the topic, brainstorming and writing the essay to ensure you achieve the desired grades. Login to our website to learn more about student assistance services

How to write a satire essay

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