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For Descartes, what is essential to the self and how does he arrive at this conclusion?

Essay on Rene Descartes Meditations

Rene Descartes Essays

The Directions:
1. Answer ALL of the following questions.
2. Make sure that you answer all parts of each question: a, b, c, etc.
3. Identify your answers via 1a, 1b, etc.
4. Answer each question in your own words and sentence structure.

You may work together, but your answers must be in your own writing.  Identical answers constitute plagiarism, as does using material from any source other than your course text.
5. You may include brief quotes, but you must indicate the page number from your text after the quote in parentheses.  The maximum amount of quoted material is two lines per typed page.
6. Stay focused on the part of the question that you are answering.  Avoid straying from the topic.
7. Your answers must be in Standard English.  Avoid writing errors-see a writing handbook.
8. Answering any part of any question with three or four sentences will not be adequate.  You will need to write at least a paragraph for each part of each question.

Rene Descartes Essays

9. Your answers must be typed double-spaced with one-inch margins.
10. Your answers should be at least three, but no more than six pages in length.
11. Put your name, course, and section number on the top line of the first page of your paper and staple the upper left-hand corner.
12. Write for an intelligent reader who is not familiar with the course material.
13. Re-read, think about, and discuss the material before you write.
14. Remember that the only information I will have to base your grade on is what you put on paper.  So make sure that what you write is relevant, coherent, precise, accurate, complete, and supported by argument.
15. I encourage you to do your best work.
16. Type your answers on your desktop and submit them via the drop box for exam one by the deadline.

The Questions:

1a. Explain Descartes’ method of doubt and show how it leads him to certain knowledge regarding the existence of the self.
1b. For Descartes, what is essential to the self and how does he arrive at this conclusion?
1c. What is mind-brain interaction and how does Descartes explain it?
1d. What is the major problem with Descartes’ view of the self?

2a. What does Marx mean by alienation and what is the role of the state in producing it?
2b. Why does Marx think that communist society is the cure for alienation?  Explain in detail.
2c. Explain a major problem with Marx’s view.

3a. Distinguish existence precedes essence from essence precedes existence and explain why Sartre adopts the former as the characterization of his existentialism.
3b. What are authentic existence and bad faith and how do they relate to the distinction in 3a?  Explain in detail.
3c. Explain a major problem with Sartre’s existentialism. For Descartes, what is essential to the self and how does he arrive at this conclusion?

Rene Descartes Meditations Essay Sample

I have found that dream argument is one of the interesting philosophies highlighted in the article. The philosophy by Rene Descartes has a unique opinion on how dreams can be so true at times, such that it can be hard for an individual to differentiate when he/she is asleep or dreaming. Dreams are sometimes interesting while others are scary. Most people believe that dreams are meaningful while others do not take them seriously.  In other words, people feature meanings to different dreams when they correspond with their pre-existing beliefs and desires.  The reason why philosopher Descartes creates the dream argument is for the sake of calling into doubt sensual conclusions. Descartes explains the significance of dream argument and concludes that it is no easy for one to differentiate when he/she is awake or asleep since there are no definitive signs.

The dream argument philosophy cannot answer every question about dreams. Philosopher Descartes is unable to exhaust all questions that arise from the philosophy. It is argued that some of the images people see when dreaming are probably made up of the things that happen, have happened to us during our lifetime. It is evident that without people’s existence, reality and the act of them being awake, then it is unrealistic to create things and being in a position to interpret them. Therefore, the basics that make up our daily lives are very important in a dream, and we have no reason to doubt them. Descartes’ method of doubt essay.

I do not agree with the philosophy argument because the state I refer to as dreaming is very different from the state, which one is awake. In addition, the experiences of a dream lack continuity with those of the world when one is awake. Buy paper for school. 

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