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Does raising minimum wage help the poor?

Does raising minimum wage help the poor?

The topic for your short economic policy paper must be one of the topics in the list below and must be addressed using the economic way of thinking and the scientific method. Papers relying on other disciplines (philosophy, morality, ethics, political philosophy, sociology, etc.) to make their arguments will be significantly downgraded. While I don’t deny that there are other perspectives you can address a topic or a question, you are enrolled in an economics course and, therefore, you must address is from an economic viewpoint.
The topics listed are written in a broad enough way you can address rewrite your topic in the form of a question of your choice related to minimum wage (e.g., Topic: minimum wage – Here are a few possible ways to rewrite the topic in the form of a question:
• Does raising minimum wage help the poor?
• Does raising minimum wage have disemployment effects?
• Does raising minimum wage reduce fringe benefits?
• Does raising minimum wage reduce the number hours worked?

Economic Policy Topic List (you can’t pick a topic outside this list – all these topics have been addressed by economists
and there is a very large literature on these topics, it’s up to you to do your research and do the work):
a) Global Warming (think any questions related to whether or not the government should implement policies to reduce global warming, whether the government should subsidize green energies, whether the government should implement a carbon tax, etc.)
b) Globalization (think any questions related to Free Trade or Protectionism)
c) HealthInsurance(thinkquestionsrelatedtotheAffordableCareAct,aSingle-PayerSystem,orcompleteprivatization
of health insurance markets)
institutional impact of immigration, the impact of immigration on innovation, etc.)
e) Minimum Wage
f) Poverty and Income Inequality

Microsoft Word
Font: Times New Roman, Font Size: 12 points, Double Space, Margins: 1 inch (left, top, right, bottom), keep footnotes at a minimum.

•    Your paper must have a cover page with Title of the Paper & Abstract summarizing what you did in your paper (50-150 words) – it doesn’t count toward word count. DON’T PUT ANYWHERE Your name, Your student ID number, Course title, Course section, CRN #, Professor’s Name.

•    The paper sequence is to your choosing but your sections/sub-sections must be titled and you must have an Introduction, a Conclusion, and a Reference List. Does raising minimum wage help the poor?

Does raising minimum wage help the poor?

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