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Parts of an Essay

Do you want to know the comprehensive essay structure that will take your university grades to the next level?

Writing is a great component of academic excellence and success. We define an essay as simply a formal argument about a particular thing.

The argument discussed must be supported by facts or the logic of evidence.

A big number of essays have the same structure of introduction, body, and conclusion.

The introduction directs the reader to the subject and presents the main points of an essay.

Mostly, the introduction can be more than one paragraph, but most academic essays have one paragraph.

The body makes up most of the content in an essay. The length of the body depends on the topic and length required by the professor in each assignment. Every paragraph in the body comprises one main idea.

The conclusion is the last paragraph. The summary is the place where the student ends the essay by concluding the ideas discussed in the researched content.

Parts of an essay

Where The Essay Starts

When you are writing, every paragraph and sentence counts. You shouldn’t include any fluff that does not make sense.

This will help you get a good grade in your essay without the professor struggling to understand what you write in a sentence or paragraph.

Most of the instructors or lecturers start grading the researched work immediately after they start reading. When they notice that your essay doesn’t make sense at the introduction most of them award the students with poor grades.

You must start with captivating and powerful content in the introduction. You should state what you want to achieve in your essay and the main points that you will discuss.

The main idea to give a straightforward introduction is to show that your research is coherent and logical. We advise you not to unfold the main points in detail in your introduction because they are to be explained in the body.

The introduction should be straightforward, simple, and concise. If you are writing longer essays your introduction should be a bit long.

At the end of your introduction, your professor or instructor should understand the thesis statement of your essay.

Part 1. Introduction

The Secrets to Write a Powerful Introduction

  1. A hook at the start of the paragraph which captures the attention of the reader.
  2. Should have background information about the topic discussed.
  3. The introductory part should give the professor an idea about the claims and points that will be explained in the paper.
  4. At the end of the introduction part, there should be a straightforward statement that talks about the main idea.

The 3 Main Parts of an Introductory Paragraph

  1. Hook

A hook is one of the crucial impactful introduction starters of an essay.

A hook grabs the attention of the readers. Here are five ways you can create a sharp hook that mind blows the reader’s attention.

  • A fact that is shocking
  • An anecdote
  • A question
  • A brief summary
  • A quote

You should avoid clichés, definitions of the dictionary, generalizations, and general statements in the hook.

2. Connections

You should give your readers a clear understanding of what you will talk about in the entire paper. You should mention the key ideas in which you want to discuss in the introductory part.

3. Thesis Statement

This is another important part of your introduction. A thesis statement gives the audience a brief summary of the paper’s key claim.

A professional thesis statement is clear, accurate, focused, and specific.

Part 2: Body (Parts of an Essay)

The second section of your essay is the body.

This section comes after the introduction and before the summary.

The body is the detailed and comprehensive part of your research. Every sentence in the body should connect to the other.

Your ideas should be written in a logical way, not in an incoherent manner.

You should start with a new idea in each paragraph and expound it without cutting the corners.

The sentences and paragraphs written should not contain ideas that don’t support the thesis statement that you explained in the introduction.

How to Structure your Paragraphs in your Body

  • Topic sentence: The first sentence in the body paragraph should tell the reader what you are talking about.
  • Explanation: You should explain your points in depth.
  • Evidence: Always provide facts to support your claim or idea.
  • Comment: Here you need to demystify how your facts support the claim in an essay
  • Link: Wrap up the main idea of the paragraph, and show how the paragraph explains the overall argument.

Part 3: Conclusion, Parts of an Essay

This is the last part of your essay.

Mostly, this is written in a single paragraph in shorter essays but can be written in two or three paragraphs.

A well-written essay must end with a conclusion or a summary.

The main purpose of a conclusion is to wrap up the key points written in an essay and unfold the final judgment or decision about the ideas you have been explaining.

You should not include any new ideas in the conclusion.

This is what conclusion means in an essay structure:

  • A summary is the written content you leave with your readers
  • summarizes the essay
  • shows that you have accomplished your work successfully
  • It demonstrates that you have written your essay professionally
  • It gives the readers a sense of closure about the essay
  • The summary should begin specific to general

The Outline of the Conclusion

  • Topic sentence: The topic sentence should be rephrased.
  • Supporting sentences: Summarize the key points in the essay and elaborate how the ideas connect with each other
  • Closing sentence: The closing sentence in the conclusion should have final words, connect to the introductory part, and give a sense of closure

You have known the style and the layout of the essay structure now. The introduction should start, followed by the body, and the summary should be at the end of the essay.

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Parts of an essay

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