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Media Channel Profile Report

Assessment #1: Individual or Group: Weight:

Task  Media Channel Profile Report

Media Channel Profile Report

Group (2-3 members) Submission: Upload report document to Bb 20% Length: 5 – 10 pages (or comparable)

This exercise requires students to analyze a distinct media channel; e.g. television (such as eLife or OSN), radio, newspapers, magazines, cinema or digital/online (and various options in digital).

Your role is to profile the characteristics and qualities of the channel as a media communication tool. You should assume the perspective of an advocate – a ‘champion’ – of that media channel.

In developing your profile, should consider the following points/topics relative to the nature of your chosen channel …

  • Key characteristics of the channel as they relate to advertising in the current environment
  • Important attributes of the channel offering benefit to agencies and clients
  • Major trends relating to important aspects of the channel; e.g. consumer audience trends,

technology trends or communication message trends

  • Key aspects about audience consumption/usage; e.g. how do consumers tend to use the

medium and why

  • Key aspects about how advertising and information relate to the channel environment; i.e. how

does the channel affect (positive or negative) advertising in that context

  • Major recommendations relative to advertising planning; e.g. how would you use this channel

    Media Channel Profile Report

medium and why

Your summary should provide a useful overview of the medium and benefits to an agency/client. A good starting point is the Media Industries in the Middle East resource at https://www.mideastmedia.org/industry/2016/. Examples of media websites can also offer helpful information, such as media sales packs.

Report submissions can be prepared in any relevant form – Word, PowerPoint or presentation tools such as Prezi. Please keep in mind that the reader will need to understand the full context of information without the benefit of supporting discussion.

After uploading for evaluation, submissions will be posted for viewing and available to everyone as resources for the final planning project.

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