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make a persuasive essay

How to write a persuasive essay outline

It pays to know how to make a persuasive essay and what persuasive essay means.

You see persuasive writing attempts to convince your reader or opponent that your argument or position is correct

Argue your case using sound reasoning and concrete evidence.

You can state facts, give logical reasons, use examples, and quote experts

Charismatic leaders, politicians, marketers, entrepreneurs, and many others rely on persuasion to succeed

In school, students need to be masters of persuasion.

Indeed, persuasive essays are a common assignment in high-school and junior college.

Students are required to learn how to write various types of essays for example definition essays examples.

In this post, I will be showing you how to create a persuasive essay

Let’s dive right in.

persuasive essay ideas for 6th graders

Preparing your essay

Like every other good writing, you need to prepare.

Regardless of the persuasive essay format, you’ll be following, this stage is extremely vital

i.                Choose your position

For your readers to understand your persuasive essay meaning early enough, meditate on the issue and choose the side you wish to advocate.

Be sure you can compellingly defend it.

Persuasive essay for high school

ii.              Know your audience

To write effectively, you must understand your reader’s perspective.

Is he undecided or favoring one side?

What reservations might he be having?

iii.            Research

Remember you want to convince others to abandon their positions and join your line of argument

It is hard to do this if you don’t have solid facts.

So, investigate and gather relevant information.

Visit multiple websites and references. Speak with experts and your teachers.

Read and jot important points down. You will need sufficient knowledge to tackle the issue.

iv.             Refer

Referring to past work related to what you are planning to cover helps.

Check out previous persuasive essay examples in your line to get a glimpse of what’s already there

As you do this, go back to the list of your persuasive essay ideas and keep adding newly points

Also, check on available persuasive essay samples to see if you’re in line with what is expected.

You can conquer any persuasive essay topics provided you have the right references.

Even college persuasive essay topics or funny persuasive essay topics

Organizing your Persuasive Essay: Getting the Outline and Structure Right

Your persuasive essay outline is the map to take you to your destination. You must get it right.

Even veterans will tell you it’s important to learn how to write a persuasive essay outline

If your teacher has a preferred persuasive essay structure, include it in your outline. This includes persuasive essay vs argumentative.

Alternatively, he may have provided a persuasive essay template. Again try to stick to it.

persuasive essay topic sentence

You can also search for a persuasive outline example, a persuasive essay outline doc or a persuasive essay structure template to use as guides.

Typically, persuasive essays comprise five to six paragraphs.

Therefore, a 5 paragraph persuasive essay outline template could also help

Persuasive essay ideas for high school

When learning how to write a persuasive essay step by step, a lot of students are unsure how to make the outline

It’s no different from a typical essay outline.

High school students will need a persuasive essay outline high school.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter your level; it will still have an introduction, the body, and a conclusion.

i. How to write persuasive essay introduction paragraph

Your persuasive essay introduction needs to bait the reader to read on

Broadly introduce your argument and close it with the thesis statement. Don’t forget to reveal the position you’ll be supporting.

If your teacher has a favored persuasive essay introduction structure, follow it.

A persuasive essay introduction template or a persuasive speech introduction example can also be handy.

ii. persuasive essay body paragraph

The core matter is covered in this crucial part of an argumentative essay structure.

Each paragraph should be focusing on a unique piece of evidence.

Drive your point home by providing sufficient supporting detail in every paragraph

You may sneak in an opposing views paragraph.

iii. Persuasive essay conclusion example

You can easily tell how valuable the conclusion is by referring to any Persuasive essay format example

Here you summarize the key evidence and make your final submissions.

You also press the reader to take your desired action or adopt your position.

Writing the Initial Draft

Your first draft is a formal representation of your persuasive essay

You don’t need to worry a lot about the nitty-gritty at this point.

However, try to include everything

A.    Write An Eye-Catching Introduction

You cannot afford to lose your reader, not now, not later!

Your ability to keep him glued to your essay is directly proportional to your ability to ‘kill’ the introduction.

Open with a stunning fact. An interesting quote. A question. A crazy revelation. A statistic. Or Even a controversial statement.

You might have to summon all your creative juices to pull this.

If you can access them, how to start a persuasive essay example can give further insights.

This is pro advice: on how to make a persuasive essay

If are unable to write an attention-grabbing introduction, proceed and complete the rest of the outline.

Then come back to it later.

All the same, work hard and learn how to write a persuasive essay introduction

B.    Build The Persuasive Essay Body Paragraph Outline

You will sell your stand here. You can score handsome goals at this stage or even score an own goal.

Whatever the topic- be they persuasive essay topics for kids or persuasive essay topics higher English or just general easy persuasive essay topics- ensure you express your points concisely and clearly.

Even interesting persuasive essay topics must be supported with interesting points.

As I highlighted previously, each item of evidence should be presented in its own paragraph. And while doing so, be as convincing as possible.

Even if you’re just training how to make a persuasive essay, never deviate from the topic

Then, some students struggle to connect the paragraphs.

Here is a secret:

Use transition words.

I’m talking about continuity statements such as “to begin with” … “then…” … “In addition” … “further to the above..”.. “As if that’s not enough”…and so on and so forth.

Again be creative throughout even as you cajole your reader to jump ship.

Tactics that quickly win over readers

As you make your case through well-enumerated paragraphs, there are some time-honored techniques that you can use to make your arguments irresistible

·       Repetition

Any psychologist will tell you this for free: Repetition wins.

In persuasive writing, no one will agree with your views if they aren’t clearly getting what you’re saying

You can, therefore, restate your points- but smartly.

For example, use examples or quotes from famous people to re-emphasize awesome ideas

·       Give Reasons as to Why The word because is powerful.

Psychological studies have suggested that people respond to requests quickly when they get a reason as to why…even if it makes little sense.

So if you want people to easily to your line, show them why.

·       Comparisons
Some of your best friends should be metaphors, similes and of course, analogies.

Few things can beat relating your scenario to cases your reader can connect to.

Your reader will soon be seeing things your way.

·       Social Proof
In influencing others, peer pressure can work magic.

Social proof is equated to peer pressure ineffectiveness.

That’s because people readily agree with their most powerful psychological influence’s.

Quoting such individuals helps sell your stance. As do blatant name dropping.

·       Provoke and Solve
Another persuasion theme to include in your overall approach should be a provocation.

Intelligently toy with your readers’ mind by disclosing some startling information related to your thesis.

Then qualify by highlighting how your suggestion solves matters.

Better still; prove that your ideas can dramatically improve affairs.

·       Storytelling
I love storytelling. And many readers do.

It’s one catch-all technique that can sway fence sitters.

Narrate from the depth of your heart how your side has always worked

Even if it means downloading a how to write a persuasive essay step by step pdf to help you craft a thrilling story, finally strive to include a narrative

·        Predict and Tackle Objections
If after presenting your case someone is still thinking “yeah, but…”, then you’ve totally lost it.

To avoid this, put yourself in the shoes of the pessimistic reader.

Then try to predict potential objections.

And address them.

You would rather use a long copy if that’s what it will take to pull your reader to your side.

C.    how to conclude a persuasive essay

I mentioned this when discussing the persuasive essay outline college.

The conclusion is your final opportunity to drag the naysayers over the line.

Make it forceful by summarizing your most potent evidence in a riveting way.

You may also rephrase your original thesis statement

It’s also not advisable to leave your reader hanging.

A recommendation, call for action, or a simple open question could finally nudge them in the direction you want.

Take a Break

When teaching my students how to make a persuasive essay, I always insist on the need to let your brain cool off after the first draft.

A day or two off will help your mind to refocus and grow fresh ideas subconsciously.

This could be very useful when revisiting your copy.

Fine Tune Your Persuasive Essay

After your well-earned rest, reread your persuasive essay afresh.

Read it aloud to yourself, line by line

Query every argument. “Is this logical and convincing?”

Is there enough evidence to challenge opposing opinion?

Do the facts, quotes, statistics, and examples rhyme with your reasoning?

Also, proofread and correct any errors -grammatical and others.

Similarly check style, flow, and clarity.

Publish Your Essay

Sharing your work with a friend may help you give it a fresh perspective.

You can also invite your college mates to give an opinion on your writing.

And do not ignore their tips.

They may be the difference between a good paper and a great persuasive essay.

See a persuasive definition essay

What To Write About Persuasive Essay Brainstorming Graphic Organizer

You can turn many interesting topics into a super persuasive essay. But it has to be in line with what your assignment requires.

For example, if you are a college student, only choose topics that can match with the published persuasive essay format college.

You may then rely on accompanying persuasive essay example college to complete the easy

On the same note, middle school students should go for persuasive essay topics for middle school to realize their full potential,

Further, there’s no shortage of interesting persuasive essay topics for grade 7 while grade 5 learners can get ideas from previous persuasive essay examples 5th grade. Check our free essay writer

Persuasive Essay Sample High School

A template is simply an essay outline.

Or a ready to fill a form which you enter the relevant information with aiming to generate a persuasive essay more easily.

And they are available in plenty.

If you’re in college, then a persuasive essay template college may be a mouse click away.

Besides, you can also easily access a persuasive essay template high school or even a persuasive essay template middle school

Do persuasive essay templates help?

Here is the thing:

A template cannot and will never solve your writing problems if you are not committed to learning how to make a persuasive essay

In any case, you must familiarize yourself with the essay topic to make any headway.

That said, a template may contain precious information and can be very useful to beginners

Persuasive Essay Writing Tips

· Make use of examples: as I have been saying, having an example can help.

For example, if you’re writing a middle school project, persuasive essay examples middle school can offer you priceless information on how to approach different segments.

Needless to say, you’ll find a persuasive essay example high school invaluable when undertaking a high school project.

Likewise, persuasive essay examples lockers for everyone answers can make your task easier. Anticipate questions: The best way to persuade is to temporarily act the opponent. This way, you’ll forecast all potential counter proposals.

You will then be wise enough to answer each and every one of them in your essay.

· Make use of graphic organizers: In persuasion, arranging your points in the order of their power can go a long way in selling your points.

An interactive persuasive essay graphic organizer can help you map out all your arguments depending on their weight, helping you carry the day

Final Thoughts on how to make a persuasive essay

Understanding how to make a persuasive essay is pretty simple:

Start by presenting your stand on a controversial heading, support your suggestions with super strong evidence, and keep the opposing views in mind.

Make a killer introduction, build a comprehensive case in the body paragraphs, and finally deliver a knockout blow in the conclusion.

That way, you will win over even the extreme pessimist!

Need help on how to make a persuasive essay?

make a persuasive essay

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