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Health Social and Policy Forces


Health Social and Policy Forces


Health Policy: What are some of the political and social forces that shape the social
determinants of health? What is the current state of the social determinants of health in
Canada? What are some of the reasons for this state and what can be done to improve the

Conduct a literature search of professional journal articles and government and agency reports
pertaining to the topic that you have chosen. Identify 5 to 6 relevant, current articles, and
additional resources which discuss the topic in further detail.
Prepare a draft of your paper by discussing each of the following:
1) Introduction to the issue (e.g. problem, dilemma, and concern); include a thesis statement
2) Why it is an issue? What is the history (how the issue evolved) and how it captured your
interest? Who does the issue involve (e.g., key stakeholders such as the public, government,
and healthcare organizations)?
3) What are the implications for the public and policy makers?
4) Summary (your conclusions, new insights, and pulling the paper together).
Format: Use subheadings to separate/organize different aspects of your paper which support your
main thesis. Your draft paper will be 4 pages excluding cover page and references. Use 1-inch
margins (2.54 cm), 12-point font in Times Roman, double spacing, and APA style referencing format

provide an example of a falsifiable statement or theory in economics and discuss why this specific statement is scientific according to Popper by identifying its potential falsifiers and explaining the importance of these.


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