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Goodbye To All That

“Goodbye To All That” by Joan Didion Using one of these readings, in 3-4 pages, please do the following: The first 1-2 pages should provide a summary of the reading. Make sure that you use clear paragraphs, and that your paragraphs have topic sentences. The next 1-2 pages of your essay should provide summaries of a minimum of TWO critical essays/articles written ABOUT Goodbye To All That” by Joan Didion. Then compose summaries of the arguments, and include a MINIMUM of ONE substantial DIRECT QUOTE in EACH PARAGRAPH. Make sure to follow up with your own commentary after each of the quotes that you have included! A Note On Sources: Your critical essays or articles must be from legitimate sources. By that I mean that you must use either an online database (i.e JSTOR) or find a book in a library. You cannot search for your article using google. This will be a huge part of your grade, so do not make this mistake!!![gravityform id=”2″ name=”Order College Papers”] googleff65f749ca7b1d72

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