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Funny definition essay topics

What are the good Funny definition essay topics

Okay. You are used to writing funny definition essay topics. And you like them especially because you can be done by writing just a few sentences. But what if your lecturer asks to write a humorous definition essay? Well, while it may appear hard at first, things get pretty easy if you can get some good funny definition essay topics and select one that you feel you can crack in a typical rib cracking fashion.

Well, let me tell you this:

There is no easier way of winning yourself some good grades than making your lecturer burst out laughing.

Trust me, even if your essay is mediocre, humor will always win you some hefty marks.

What is a definition essay?

A definition essay involves defining a certain term or concept.

But rather than stick to a textbook like definition, you are expected to provide extended examples to help your readers understand what is being defined.

Of course, you have to put in some research work to come up with a convincing explanation but the best thing is, if you have a good definition word, you should conquer it without a lot of hassle. Being able to select good definition argument essay topics impacts on your success greatly.

What is a Funny Definition Essay?

A funny definition essay is typically a definition essay that is dominated by humor. I have to admit that writing essays has never been my cup of tea but I am usually super psyched each time I am asked to write comically (My teacher once laughed so much that she advised me to pursue comedy full time!).

In this type of essay, you will identify a hilarious word/concept essay topic ideas to define and then explain it sarcastically. You know you have won if you find yourself laughing naturally at your own work!

So, where do you start? You may want to see definition essay examples

As with any other definition essay, just get a cool creative definition essay topics and get down to business.

And that’s where you need to put in a shift.

 denominational argument topics ideas

Here are some funny definition essay topics ideas to start you off:

1. Why people love funny cats videos.

2. Why you are a novice in everything but gaming.

3. Why smoking is awesome for you.

4.    What your driving school instructor never told you.

5. What your dog really thinks about you.

6. Why the customer will never be right.

7. Why teenagers deserve the worst jobs and a terrible pay.

8.  Why the clothes always make the man.

9.  Why you need more Starbucks coffee.

10. Why you really love your surname.

11. Why legalized pot makes you a better writer.

12. Why I like dog kisses best.

13. Where all my mismatched socks go.

14. Why I hate rap music

15. The worst song ever in the world.

16. Why people love watching shark attack shows.

17. Why your gaming skills should win you an amazing job.

18. Why you love the email spam.

19. Why wearing a brace is fun.

20. Why Mickey Mouse scares you (or any other celebrity).

21. How to pretend that you enjoy watching sports.

22. How to pretend that you are actually busy.

23. Why Conan O’Brien (or your favorite comedian) is my hero.

24. Ten signs the guy likes you.

25. How to have an awkward date.

26. Things girls do but guys hate.

27. Types of dates.

28. A guy’s makeup counsel for girls.

29. How to become a celebrity.

30. How to split with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

31. Why your Instagram friends are awesome.

32. How to be very annoying (in social media or in real life).

33. How to anger your parents.

34. How to be a nagging boyfriend (or girlfriend).

35. How to waste time and get away with it.

36. How to tell the biggest lie without getting caught.

37. Why girls workout more than boys.

38. Why I don’t want to finish school.

39. Why funny cat videos are good for politicians.

40. Global warming is a hot potato for sissies.

41. How to tell if a political leader is speaking the truth.

42. How to beat terrorists without even fighting.

43. What did everyone ever do to the feminists?

44. Why Kim Kardashian should be our next president (replace with a celebrity/fictional character/comedian)

45. Why men should become stay-at-home dads.

46. Mistakes my parents committed (but now it’s too late).

47. Why we require less gun control.

48. How Google makes everyone smarter.

49. Why advertising works.

50. Why animals deserve more rights than us.

51. The real triggers of global warming.

52. What I actually love about smog.

53. Radioactive waste is my friend.

54. Recycling is primarily for sissies.

55. Stereotypes are great for you.

56.Talk radio is your friend.

57. Why we shouldn’t be given freedom of speech.

58. Being homeless is not so bad.

59. The true meaning of organic friend.

60. Why high school tutors should never retire.

61. How to write an award-winning paper an hour ahead of the deadline.

62. Why _________________ deserves a national hero’s medal.(insert a hilarious character )

63. What to do when your roommate dumps their school’s biology project in the refrigerator.

64. Why math (or any other subject) is my best subject.

65. How to make your roommate decide to move.

66. How to succeed without really trying in school and in life.

67. How to win many friends and influence all teachers.

68. Why my roommate should drop his/her studies.

69. How to really annoy your roommate.

70. Why I love fundraisers.

71.Why every teenager must have an iPhone (or something else) in school.

72. How to write the best book report on some book you’ve never seen.

73. How to live stress-free in college.

74. How not to afford a good sleep while in college.

75. Why staying up late studying is actually good for you.

76. Why I love standardized tests.

77. What I.Q. tests really tell you.

78. Why you should always score an “A.”

79. How high school stereotyping is good for you.

80. My dream college.

81. How to study like crazy and have unending fun simultaneously.

82. Why our family takes dessert first.

83. Why teenagers should control family credit cards.

84. Why your grandmother can do with an iPhone.

85. Why I ought to have been the only child.

86. Things my mom always says.

87. How to really anger your parents (or grandparents).

88. How to make your parents to swamp you with money.

89.What makes my dog my best friend.

90. Am I allowed to join your family?

91. How would the World be with cats ruling the world?

92. How to fail in exams while having tons of fun doing them

93. Social media is the best alternative for making friends

94. How to abstain from completing your daily tasks and get away with it

95. Why school is an exercise in futility

96. The most proficient tactics to help you fail exams

97.How to become the most loved guy in college.

98. How to make science your most beloved subject in school

99. Why cats would never love math

100. How to win the local tattoos contest without even trying.

Bottom Line:

To write a killer funny definition essay topics,  you must list down a number of interesting words for definition essays topics then pick the best.

Our funny essay examples can help give you a starting idea especially if it’s your first time to write on extended definition essay topics.

But you can also brainstorm on other funny satirical essay topics to help settle on the greatest.

That way, you kill you lecturer and the essay!

 ideas for definition essays

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