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Explore some of the American women’s responses to the United Nation’s Decade for Women (1975-1985). G. The Rise of Conservatism and the Age of Paranoia (1964-Present) 31

You will select three questions to answer (no more than one question per period). You will only use evidence from my lectures, either of the two required textbooks, and American Perspectives in each of your three answers. You will not use any other sources. Each response must be at least 500 words. You will cite as footnotes using the Chicago Manual of Style. You will include a Bibliography for each response. Place all three responses on a single Word document. Title the document Final Exam. I need a Bibliography for each response. Submit your exam as a single Word file. Do NOT use any source besides the three noted above. This is not a research paper. Rather this is a test to see how closely and carefully you listened to and taken notes on my lectures and read the assigned textbooks and American Perspectives. A. Manifest Destiny Realized and the Gilded Age (1877-1900) 1. What were women’s rights in American society at this time? 2. How did class effect women’s rights? 3. How did the Gilded Age affect women? B. The Rise of Modern America (1880-1920) 4. Describe the push for universal suffrage. 5. Identify and discuss the significance of three female reformers. 6. How was the Triangle Shirtwaist fire an example of the intersection of women and industrialization? 7. How did the New Jim Crow affect African American women? 8. Describe the relationship between black and white women in the New South. 9. How did women participate in the Populist movement? 10. Examine female Progressive reformers. Were they successful? Why or why not? 11. How did women participate or support US actions in or during World War I? C. An Unregulated Economy (1920-1939) 12. What was new about the “New Negro”? 13. How did women fit into the “New Negro”? 14. What were the underlying weaknesses of the US economy and why did the Great Depression happen when it did? 15. Why or how did the Great Depression particularly impact women? D. World War II. 16. Examine the WAVES, WAFs, WACs, or any other “female” military. 17. How did World War II affect women domestically? 18. Who was Oveta Culp Hobby or Nancy Harkness Love? How did they participate in the war effort? E. Civil Rights and Foreign Policy during the Cold War (1945-1990) 19. How was Eleanor Roosevelt ahead of her time when it came to equal rights? 20. Based on the age, gender, and ethnicity of your mother today, describe her liberties if her had lived during the long 1950s. 21. How did women participate in the 20th century civil rights movement? F. The Cold War at Home (1945-1990) 22. Examine domestic legislation of any Cold War president and demonstrate how those examples personally affect women in your family today. 23. How did gender roles change from World War II to the 1950s? 24. How did the Cold War effect popular expectations of motherhood? 25. Examine gender relations during the long 1950s. 26. What did television shows such as Queen for a Day say about consumerism in general and women in particular? 27. How and why did gender relations change from the 1950s to the 1970s? 28. Describe the rise of feminism in the 1960s. 29. Describe the Chicana movement. Who were or are its leaders? 30. Explore some of the American women’s responses to the United Nation’s Decade for Women (1975-1985). G. The Rise of Conservatism and the Age of Paranoia (1964-Present) 31. Examine the rise of conservatism in American politics between Goldwater and Reagan. 32. How does political conservatism affect women? 33. The Cold War never really ended. Rather, the enemies shifted from Communism to Radical Islam and the battle front from Europe to the Middle East. Argue for or against this assertion. 34. Compare and contrast national liberties during the long 1950s with the period between 2001 and 2016. Where national liberties more similar or more different? Why? 35. During the Civil Rights era, Christian leaders fought for equality. Today, Christian leaders demand the right to promote inequality. What explains that shift? 36. What is “Queer Theory”? 37. How has feminism changed over the last 50 years? 38. What is a bigger issue for women since the end of the Cold War: reproductive rights or economic parity? Why?

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