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Explain and critically analyse different approaches that could be used to measure this risk.

Explain and critically analyze different approaches that could be used to measure this risk.

Explain and critically analyse different approaches that could be used to measure this risk.

Produce a report underpinned by relevant academic literature, please present a report on the issue of risk management and planning based on the following scenario – you are the Head of Security within a University.

Identify one single risk you consider could affect the university as an organisation and justify your choice.

It could be in relation to people, property or physical assets.

Remember to ensure you have a sufficiently narrow focus to ensure your report has suitable depth and detail.

So, as an example please do not choose ‘terrorism’ as your words to write a definition essay on.

Consider instead one specific type of terrorism risk, for example, a lone wolf attack on a university building.

Drawing on literature explain what business continuity issues would be affected should the risk materialize (financial, physical, duration, extent, etc)

Discuss, with justification, what specific measures could be introduced to mitigate against the risk you have outlined.

Explain how organisational culture can impact on attempts to manage risk.

Clearly some areas will require more discussion than others and you should use the guidance above to structure your assignment to ensure you have addressed all of the aspects required.

As this is a report you must use headings and these should be based on each of the five key areas noted above.

You may be very experienced in writing reports for the workplace.

However, for the purposes of this assignment, please note that an academic report MUST include discussion and argument, and is not simply a factual report.

You should support your discussion and analysis by applying concepts and theories from the module and other academic resources throughout.

Similar to an essay, all information sources used should be cited and referenced, paying particular attention to the clear identification and acknowledgement of any directly quoted material.

You may also want to check how to define types of risk. In addition, it is important to learn how the various elements of a movie review impact on the risks.

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