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explain Alexander’s presentation of the difference between implicit and explicit race bias

This assignment amounts to 20% of your course grade. In eight pages (that is, in no fewer than eight pages, and no more than eight and a half pages), using what we’ve learned up to this point in the They Say, I Say text: 1) explain Alexander’s presentation of the difference between implicit and explicit race bias (from the first and second page of the assigned Alexander excerpt); 2) explain Russell’s analogical argument about the existence of others’ thoughts and how it can possibly serve, or not possibly serve, as explanation of others’ unconscious behaviors; 3) explain the relevance and implications of evidence about a) the existence or nonexistence of implicit bias, b) the types of awareness we can or cannot have of ourselves, or c) the type of awareness that we can or cannot have of others that you have discovered in a scientific, peer-reviewed article; 4) argue for the importance of your research for Alexander or Russell; and 5) defend either your thesis or your argument in support of your thesis against someone who could disagree with it. If you submit someone else’s ideas, words, or phrases, you must cite those individuals: plagiarism of any kind will not be accepted. If you submit ideas, words, or phrases from a previous essay of your own, explicitly state as much. Please do not just represent, word for word, old material. Go to http://libguides.piercecollege.edu/citation for excellent information on citing. Use one-inch margins all around, double-spacing throughout, and Times New Roman font, size 12 only–and no title pages please

provide an example of a falsifiable statement or theory in economics and discuss why this specific statement is scientific according to Popper by identifying its potential falsifiers and explaining the importance of these.

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