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Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other

Please write 5 paragraphs essay that answers the question below.

Sherry Turkle, “Selections from Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other” (New Humanities Reader)
Cathy Davidson, “Project Classroom Makeover” (New Humanities Reader)

Sherry Turkle and Cathy Davidson discuss in their respective texts, “Selection from Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other, and “Project Classroom Makeover”, the results of several experiments that observe the use of advanced technology from an educational perspective. Turkle explores the relationships children form with digital and robotic playmates, and she concludes that these interactions have a significant impact on the children’s social development because it blurs the line between virtual and biological life: “We are at the point of seeing digital objects as both creatures and machines.” (476) In her article, Davidson also recognizes the influence of technology on younger generations: “a generation of kids who, from preschool on, had been transfixed by digital media.” (49) Unlike Turkle, she encourages the use of advanced digital technology in the classroom as an essential instrument. For your second writing assignment please consider the two positions postulated by the authors, and answer the following question: How does the increased use of technology influence our learning process?

Additional questions to consider in your analysis. Please do not answer them as a list in your paper.
How do children learn? Consider the learning process before and after the digital age. What changed?
How do contemporary education models approach the learning process?
How do children approach technology? Why?
Does technology play in important role in education? Explain why or why not.
How does technology impact social interactions?
What type of social interaction, if any, is necessary in the learning process?
What are some advantages and some disadvantages of the new pedagogical approach proposed by Davidson?
How is expertize an important part of the information age?
What are Davidson’s cultural and social objectives via education? Would Turkle agree with Davidson’s conclusions about using advanced technology in schools?
Does technology stimulate creativity? Look for examples in both texts.

For the introduction, there should have a little background information like a summary introduce the two articles and a clear thesis at the end. For each body paragraph, the first sentence should be a topic sentence that supports the thesis and at least two quotes from the article to support this idea. Do not use outside sources, just stick to those two readings. For each quote, there should have an analysis, not a summary! to explain the quote and relate back to the thesis and answer the argument. Do not use too complicated world and too professional, my professor will notice this is not my paper. I also upload a sample that I wrote before, please follow the same writing formate to write this essay, thanks!

provide an example of a falsifiable statement or theory in economics and discuss why this specific statement is scientific according to Popper by identifying its potential falsifiers and explaining the importance of these.

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