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    Effective leaders are characterized by an ability to take calculated risks

Student Leadership Essay Example

For this student leadership essay example, Effective leaders are characterized by an ability to take calculated risks, set realistic goals and galvanize the workforce into collectively working towards the attainment of set goals.

More importantly, however, a leader should take responsibility when his/her strategies are unsuccessful.

It is only after accepting accountability that corrective measures can be employed.

Such a leader is motivational to his employees since they feel valued and covered for.

Morale, job satisfaction and cohesion in the workplace are enhanced by good leadership thus directly contributing to organizational success.

I have witnessed this being exemplified by visionary leaders such as the late Steve Jobs of Apple Inc., Fredrick Smith of FedEx and Meg Whitman of Hewlett Packard (HP).

College Essay Leadership Experience

With reference to unity and cohesion in the workplace, all employees, regardless of rank, should be responsible for the organization’s performance.

During successful times, it is evident that every stakeholder in the firm is pleased with their efforts.

For instance, there is increased compensation for employees.

It is therefore unfair that when the firm goes through a rough patch, the boss shifts all the accountability to his/her subordinates.

This reoccurring problem at my workplace is a telltale sign of ineffective leadership.

My boss happily takes credit for excellent work by employees but abandons us when mistakes happen.

The morale in my place of work has dropped to an all-time low.

Reduced motivation has been evidenced by a consistent run of bad performance which the boss keeps blaming on the employees.

The turnover rate has increased in the past year as colleagues seek better opportunities and recognition in other institutions.

Apparently, the leadership style employed by my boss is contributing to the degeneration of the workplace.

Leadership Development Reflection Questions


1.    There has been an increased tendency for Americans and their families to eat out at restaurants, diners and related eateries. Which social and economic factors have led to the development of this trend?

2.    Eating out at eateries has numerous repercussions as compared to eating home-cooked food. What is the relationship between taking children out to eat and academic performance?

3.    Explain the effects of foodborne diseases on the health of children and their development into maturity.

4.    In addition to accountability, which positive leadership traits do you expect your leader/manager to portray?

5.    Management of the human resource is among the duties of a leader in the internal environment of a firm. Which aspects of the external environment should a leader also manage?

6.    Reoccurring leadership problems at the workplace lead to reduced morale among employees. Explain the various ways in which management can raise employee motivation.

My Leadership Experience Essays

Also please use the following feedback about the initial topic proposal as a guide:

These are interesting topics that you can use well for the essay.

However, the descriptive style reads as secondary to an informative style.

This is fine, but I would encourage you to find ways to “amp up” the level of description and/or introduce a narrative quality to what you’re writing. writing an extended definition essay outline

I think doing this will better meet the challenge of the assignment and better engage your readers.

Providing narrative examples that demonstrate the hazards of taking children out to eat, for example, would provide opportunity not only to increase the descriptive quality of your writing but also introduce a narrative aspect.

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