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Development and underdevelopment factors

Topic: Development of East Asia and the underdevelopment of Sub-Saharan


Development and underdevelopment factors


Here is the whole title:
Development of East Asia and the underdevelopment of Sub-Saharan Africa.

write an essay that explains how some or all of these factors (as many as you can) contribute to the development of East Asia and the underdevelopment ofSub-Saharan Africa. This involves knowing what the different factors mean and then explaining how they contribute to development or underdevelopment. This “knowing” comes from reading the articles and the “explainin comes from listening in class How many factors should you cover? It’s better to cover the few that you know real well, that you know for sure, rather than cover a larger number of those that you do not understand or do not understand well

Here are some factors that help explain. the rise of the East Asian NICS Finance, Capital, Banking Capital controls & transfers Technology & Technology Transfer Market Access Protectionism Sub-contracting Government subsidies, incentives, price directives Bureaucratic authoritarianism Competition Labor, Labor unions syndicates Corporate organization (conglomerate, corporation, or family business) Private ownership (as opposed to government ownership) I found these in the articles assigned: (1) Gereffi, (2) Amsden, (3) Bardhan

the underdevelopment of Africa: Corruption Misrule, predatory governance Colonial legacy Western depredations/destructions Slave trade Cold War manipulation by U.S. & U.S.S.R. No Marshall Plan for rebuilding U Lack of sufficient foreign assistance Lack of sufficient investment Lack of financial resources; banks Debt obligation Education & literacy Shortage of technical & managerial skills. Geography (1) no ports & sea-based trade (2) no navigable rivers No transportation; market access Dispersed settlements (no infrastructure? Isolated from markets (poor market access) Disease: AIDS, Malaria Environmental problems; droughts Depleted soils Low life expectancy Market & financial reforms Low urbanization rates I found these in the Sachs article assigned for our class. Several of these repeat themselves and/or overlap. Development of East Asia and the underdevelopment of Sub-Saharan

Development of East Asia and the underdevelopment of Sub-Saharan


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