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Describe a message you encountered recently and list two implications of that message

What is an implication, in general? (see your lecture notes)

2. Describe a message you encountered recently and list two implications of that message.

3. Use the Tubbs communication model (Figure 1.1) found in chapter 1, page 9 of Tubbs’ Human Communication in your custom text to analyze one of the message implications identified in point 2, above.

Scoring (total points possible are 0 to 50)

The following are worth 5 points each if the student has included them; 0 points for not including them (these are all or none point values: the only possible scores are 0 or 5 for each item):

1) at least 500 words total (not per question) (0 or 5 points)

2) personal reflection/argument has been humanized (0 or 5 points)

3) examples (0 or 5 points)

4) cites course material (0 or 5 points)

The following are graded on a sliding scale (any point value from 0-the maximum number of points available is possible):

1) explaining what an implication is, in general (0 to 5 points)

2) describing a message and two implications of that message (0 to 10 points)

3) analyzing a message implication using the Tubbs communication model (0 to 15 points)

The ‘Homework Handout’ and ‘Before I Hand It In’ documents (which can be found by clicking the ‘Content’ link above) contain useful information about submitting your assignment. **Do not submit .pages files – we cannot read them. If D2L gives you a “this file does not have a valid extension” message when you submit your assignment, try renaming the file with a .doc, .docx, .pdf, or a .txt extension and then try uploading the file again (either rename the file manually or use the “Save As” command). If you have any problems submitting your assignment to the dropbox: wait a few hours and try to submit your assignment again. Also consider submitting your file from a different location or using a different device. If D2L is down, wait until it is back up.

What do you need to include in your answer to receive full credit?

1. A comprehensive argument in response to the question that:

2. integrates and cites course material (either lecture or text) to support the argument,

3. uses examples to illustrate the argument, and

4. includes personal reflections (experiences/thoughts) to humanize the argument.

Here is an example of an ideal answer to a question used in a prior semester of COMM 101. It is 672 words. This answer is for illustrative purposes only.

Example Question:

What is meant by the phrase “Plato’s shadow?” What modern-day evidence is there for its existence and why is Plato’s shadow so powerful?

Example Answer:

There were three Greek philosophers that impacted the western world far and above all others. They are Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Their thoughts and ideas have carried through the centuries and have

provide an example of a falsifiable statement or theory in economics and discuss why this specific statement is scientific according to Popper by identifying its potential falsifiers and explaining the importance of these.

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