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Describe the conditions that both the Republicans and Democrats agreed to in the Compromise/deal of 1877

Choose 7 out of 10 and answer each question fully. All answers must be in full sentences and at least one paragraph long.
1) Describe the conditions that both the Republicans and Democrats agreed to in the Compromise/deal of 1877
2) Compare and Contrast all of the proposed reconstruction plans for the South
3) Describe all the parts of the congressional Reconstruction plans for the South
4) What were the 6 questions faced by the people on the Great Plains, and their solutions?
5) What were three successes and two scandals of the Grant Administrations?
6) Describe the three major farmers alliances which together would eventually form the Populist Party.
7) What three pieces of legislation were created by the 39th Congress Committee of 15?
8) What was the significance of the Meuse- Argonne Offensive?
9) Name 3 main ideas which came out of the Treaty of Versailles.
10) Discuss 6 of Wilson´s Fourteen Points.
Part 2
1)From the Populist Party Platform(1892) identify the ideas which would later be claimed by the progressive party and explain the later laws and reforms which resulted.
2) Identify the major reasons why Wilson decided the United States needed to go to war against Germany in 1917 from his War Message to congresso and the sentiments from this speech which are also found in his Fourteen Points.

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