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describe why you chose this case, and identify relevant research and theoretical understanding that you bring to this case

Example of Case Study Analysis Report

describe why you chose this case, and identify relevant research and theoretical understanding that you bring to this caseWrite an assessment of a current case. Make sure to include a primary and secondary and tertiary diagnoses from the DSM-5. Then build an intervention plan, including multidisciplinary teaming and multi-setting collaborations, when appropriate. In this case plan, be sure to identify your ideas about what will facilitate change, your role as an interventionist, and how you will evaluate if your case plan is helping this child. Also identify how are core developmental capacities supported within the parent(s)-child and family context; then we consider how developmental compromises and mental health needs emerge; and finally, what obstacles to good outcomes and any actions you can include to address these obstacles as part of your overall plan.
This assignment must include these four components. Assignment missing any one of these will be returned.
1.    Introduction: describe why you chose this case, and identify relevant research and theoretical understanding that you bring to this case. In this section, reference citations are welcome.
2.    Assessment and formulation: using the outline provided in class, complete an assessment of a case. Make sure to include primary, secondary, and tertiary diagnoses from the DSM-5, Remember, in the current functioning section, to consider how this child is similar and different from same-age peers. At the end, develop a succinct case formulation. This section should use professional writing, and can be in prose or outline format.
3.    Case plan: First consider your theory of change in this case. Using the outline provides in class, consider your hypothesis about what will promote change and growth in the client system. Then construct an intervention plan identifying the work you will do (or have already done). Make sure your case plan is consistent with your assessment data and formulation and reflects your theory of change. If this is a collaboration case, identify the goals and expectations of each collaborating partner, and mechanisms to assure collaboration effectiveness.
4.    Professional reflection: use this opportunity to consider your experience in this case and the process of this assignment. Consider your social work role, and what you realized as you did this work. Use this opportunity to practice professional self-awareness.

Student Case Study Report Example:

Executive Summary

Google Australia Pty Limited is a subsidiary of Google Inc. based in Sydney. The company offers marketing services and sales support related Web search Engine optimizations.

The company seeks to attract and hire individuals who depict ‘Googleyness’. The individuals should be ready to learn, possess leadership qualities, own the course of the outcomes, humble and willing to makes things happen.

Personal SWOT Analysis

My personal strengths revolve around mi innovativeness and creativity and having an open mind. The three traits enhance my efficiency and effectiveness in adapting to different roles and environments. By being open-minded, I am able to fit in different and diverse environments and embrace the challenges that come with a change of environment. The ability to adapt to different environments is crucial as it enables an individual fit in the constantly changing business environment. Innovativeness and creativity enhance my career prospectives since being able to offer solutions and give a different perspective and opinion about various issues that affect businesses in the changing environment. My innovativeness has been my stand-out strength since it is based on extensive knowledge about the business environment and demonstrates my educational abilities. The three traits are of special significance since they enable me to stand out in a crowd and hence have an upper hand in competition.

In addition, I possess excellent communication and social skills that enable me to articulate my ideas clearly and thoroughly, a very important aspect of a business. The clarity of thought and oratory skills developed from many presentations at the college and business forums have enhanced my communication skills. I fit very well in social situations as am an outgoing person and my adaptability also helps in fitting in new social areas. My extraversion is entangled with my creativity and this helps me get well along with people from all walks of life and enhances my understanding of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. I situations where my social skills get limited, I improvise by staying positive about the situation to enable me to fit in the group.

Describe why you chose this case, and identify relevant research and theoretical understanding that you bring to this case

With regard to my academic performance on the degree, I have consistently posted high grades throughout my course highlighting academic excellence and grasp of the concepts. However, I view myself as a person who greatly values performance despite also valuing the grades scored during the examinations. University has offered me a platform to broaden my thinking and enhance my creativity as well as an opportunity to learn how to exploit the opportunities in the environment.

The opportunities include critical thinking assisted by my course, facilities to expand my scope of knowledge and a chance to meet new people who came up with new opportunities. The friendships developed at the university have helped me increase my confidence levels in a group situation and have inspired me to be a better person. This has increased my ability to inspire and influence my fellow students. I consider this as a very important aspect in my future career in the business world since I do not want just a career in business, I want to climb the corporate ladder and achieve a leadership responsibility after my formative years in the business world.

The possession of quality resources shapes the journey of the success of an individual. I do not have many resources, but I do have quality resources. I possess the quality education and have a previous working experience at Google Australia Pty limited as an intern. These resources give me leverage in the competitive world of business especially since am seeking a placement at Google Australia Pty limited. My education and knowledge will be my competitive resource and the experience at Google Australia Pty limited will shape my success at the company. These strengths will be my key to success and achievements in my career.


Weaknesses are inherent personal attributes of a human being. Salikin, Wahab & Muhammad (2014) define business weaknesses as “the drawbacks that hinder a business in executing strategies in pursuit of its mission.” The definition of business weaknesses is true to human beings since an individual’s weaknesses also hinder them from executing plans in reaching their goals. Weaknesses comprise all personal traits that hinder an individual from achieving the set goals or make them less competitive in their chosen careers. My weaknesses include spreading myself too wide in varying interests, over-commitment that makes me be fixated on the set goals.


I tend to spread myself over diverse interests by joining many groups related to the field of management as I aim to land on those on those roles once I find a career in business. The groups require a lot of dedication and have multiple responsibilities that take too much of much my and drain my energy. It, therefore, becomes hard to make any real commitment to any group. The groups have diverse interest and shifting from one interest to the other has made me an effective member of many groups.

Due to a commitment to many groups, I have developed a tendency of jumping from one task to the next without really giving myself time to reflect and critically measure the deliverables of the new task and project. In the end, I end up compromising my ability to deliver and also lower my standards as seek to please all groups despite their diverse interests. While joining groups of people with who you share similar interests is critical, too many groups with diverse interest have really drained my energy. I will have to check the extent to which I commit myself to various projects.

While most people view over-commitment to a goal as strength, I sometimes view it as a weakness on my part especially when errors and mistakes occur. Sometimes mistakes occur in the course of executing my projects. However, the initial momentum keeps me going until I hit the dead end due to the commitment bias which sometimes makes me irrational (Back, 2010). The project ends up going to waste, along with my time and energy. Once the momentum sets in, I get fixated on completion of the project and despite the obvious outcome, I am unable to back to the start and start afresh. I will have to check this through prioritizing my projects.

Placement at Google Australia Pty limited

I believe I am better positioned to land a career at Google Australia Pty limited due to my various professional and personal attributes. I believe I am internally motivated to make things work and make things work for better.  The changing business environment demands active performers who can devise their own ways of finding a solution and not wait till instructions or orders come as they lay idle. I believe I am that person who takes initiative in the execution of tasks, find new ways of doing things and try to find solutions.

In addition, I approach my drive towards accomplishing my responsibilities with humility and enquire a lot when finding a solution to a problem since I acknowledge that someone else may be having better ideas of about solving a problem than me. I have a welcoming attitude towards ideas, solutions and appreciate creativity since the other colleagues have as much as I have to offer and much more. I view the problem-solving process as a learning process that requires brainstorming among members of the team to come up with the best alternative.

Leadership capabilities

I also believe I possess the necessary leadership capabilities that can help influence others in achieving the desired outcomes. I have increased my confidence levels in group situations and have also been able to inspire others and influence some of the decisions they made. The trait is necessary and will be carried forward in my career where I will try to influence other works towards the achievement of a particular goal. Additionally, I am also humble and would not hesitate to let someone else take the position and influence us towards working to achieve a goal. Leaders work towards the interests of the firm and willingly let others take charge and offer a different perspective.

I believe my ability to learn new things and willingness to pick up the patterns and take the information necessary for moving forward would increase my chances at Google Australia Pty limited. I have an excellent ability to learn new things really quickly and adapt to the new information comfortably. In addition, I am naturally curious and that makes me want to try new things and make mistakes from where I learn new experiences.

The new experiences enhance my capabilities of coming up with a new way of doing things and find new solutions. For an organization like Google Australia Pty limited, that is a leading company in coming up with new solutions, concepts, and ideas, I believe I would be a perfect fit. Trying new ideas and finding new solutions gives an organization a competitive edge against its competitors. Additionally, I undertook my internship at the organization and hence I have an experience with how the operations of the organization and hence, “I won’t hit the ground learning, I will hit the ground running” and this gives a competitive advantage against my competitors.

Areas for Self-Improvement for Continuous Improvement

I will pursue my education further to improve my skills and learn more new things in my professional life to improve my value to the organization as well as brush up the existing skills. The business environment is constantly changing and acquisition of new skills enables an individual to learn new skills necessary to adapt to the ever-evolving business environment. I also need to improve on timekeeping. I really waste a lot of time by jumping from one task to the other without taking time to reflect on the requirements of the new project. Due to commitment bias, I end up working on a messed up project irrationally despite clear knowledge that the outcome will be negative. I will prioritize my tasks to manage time more effectively. Describe why you chose this case, and identify relevant research and theoretical understanding that you bring to this case.


Back, I. (2010). Commitment bias: mistaken partner selection or ancient wisdom?. Evolution And Human Behavior, 31(1), 22-28.

Salikin, N., Wahab, N., & Muhammad, I. (2014). Strengths and Weaknesses among Malaysian SMEs: Financial Management Perspectives. Procedia – Social And Behavioral Sciences, 129, 334-340.

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