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Definition essay on the Word Cool

Definition essay sample.

Definition essay sample . Depending on the way people use different words in their informal meetings and conversations, some formal words usually have more and diverse meanings in different set-ups. For instance, when people communicate with their friends, they attach certain meanings to certain words that may carry different meanings if perceived literally. Learn how to write a definition essay step by step

In this essay, analysis of the word “cool” is analyzed with an aim of elaborating the way we use it between friends’ communications and the formal meaning of the word. The slang meaning of the word is generally very different from the formal meaning of the word as given by the Oxford English Dictionary. Analysis of differences in meanings of words in the formal and informal contexts help address the issue of growth and changes in the meaning of words over time and their different applications in different contexts of communication.

One of the main meanings of the word “cool”, as applied in my personal social circles with friends, is an expression that is used to show that a certain situation or issue is right. In this context, when one asks a question regarding a certain phenomenon or activity, there are always answers using the word cool to indicate that the situation or phenomenon is right. For instance, when Jack is on the way back home from school and finds his friends along the way, he may ask them for an escort to him to a certain point along the way in order for them to have a conversation. The usual response to such a request would be, “cool” denoting acceptance of the suggestion and thus it is n approval term. This is a different meaning of the formal meaning of the term in the dictionary and as used in the formal conversations between people.

In addition to use of the term as a word of approval term, the term cool is also used informally as a response to greetings and questions of how someone is doing.  In this context, the word cool is used as slang for “I am fine” or “everything is okay”. For instance, whenever I meet my classmates and friends in the informal environments, it is always a norm to ask, “How is everyone?” or pose a question to a specific person, “how is your family back home?” This question is always responded to by use of the word cool as a greeting response.

In this perspective, the literal meaning of the word is changed to denote “fine”. As a matter of fact, this is the usual meaning attached to the word cool in many other informal set-ups around the world as there have been changes in the meaning of the word over time.

Since words keep on changing, there is always a need to use them appropriately for it to be able to carry and understand the meaning of the word in various contexts. Traditionally, the word has been used to denote a situation where the objects are cold in temperature or the environment is cold. However, with time, this meaning changed to mean “softness” of situations and thus, in informal contexts, a word will always be different in meaning from the way it is perceived by other people in formal situations.

In the Oxford English Dictionary, the word cool is explained in various contexts ranging from its use as a noun, adjective, verb, and used as an infinitive term where other words are drive and carry different meanings. As a noun, the term cool is used to denote a fairly low temperature. For instance, an engine is perceived to be cool, meaning that it is not hot but at low temperatures.

On the other hand, the term is also used to elaborate situations that are cold. For instance, “the wing kept them cool”. In this sentence, the term is used with an aim of showing how the wind was and the temperatures that the subjects were experiencing. As a verb, the term will literally be used to denote action of making something be at low temperatures.

Lastly, thee term is used to as a source of other words that have close meaning of making things or situations be at low temperatures. For example, a cooler is an apparatus that keeps products cold over time. Literally, the term cool has a very formal meaning that is crucially related to having or being at low temperatures (OED 1).

Meaning of words is usually a question of the context in which the words have been used in. for instance, many words always carry different meanings when they are used in informal contexts and will usually be defined and understood from the contexts in which they are used in. in this perspective, the Oxford English Dictionary will not be used all the times on getting meaning of terms as it may lead to confusion with the real meaning that is intended. In this context, the meaning of the word cool in informal communication is different from the meaning of the term in the Oxford English Dictionary as analyzed. Thus, in informal communication, the term is used as slang and only used with its literal meaning in formal communications.

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Definition essay Sample on Humankind

Definition essay introduction examples

Over the years, several theories have surfaced in the science of study of humankind, his origins and the true definition of humankind in relation to other animals. For instance, Charles Darwin defined human beings as part of animals that have revolutionized and changed over the years from lower animals to a unique being with senses and emotional differences from animals. However, Mark Twain in his essay titled, The Damned Human Race disagrees with the propositions and forms a different viewpoint whereby he sees human race as the lowest form of animals based on discussions based on morality and variations (Twain 6).

Mankind is a special species that have senses and is able to develop knowledge and grow from step to step in life. Through experiments with masses of human beings, Mark Twain states that human beings are animals that harbors distinct characteristics over other animals such as insults and injuries, takes revenge, and broods over the injuries and insults. It is intriguing that other animals are more likely to engage in wars but not organized wars like human beings. In this context, the essay shows that human beings are distinct animals that harbors more instincts and is unable to limit the causes of wars and other bad things and thus, lower form of animals (Twain 7).

To be human means to be able to plan and execute plans through use of knowledge. Human beings are able to find solutions for their life and find solutions for other forms of animals. It is the ability to make decisions in various characteristics that define human beings and make the human life different from animals.

Above is an effective definition essay example for students.

Extended definition essay sample on cultural diversity

Cultural Diversity

The globalization agenda in business and other platforms in the world are leading to creation of a society where people from different cultural backgrounds and ethnicity live together. People in America provide one of the best examples of a society where people from different regions in the world and who practice different beliefs and cultural norms live together and share similar geographic locations.

To live in a culturally diversified society, means living in a region where people live together although they have different cultural practices. The business entities and nonprofit organizations are creating culturally diversified workplaces all over the world leading to organizations that are culturally diversified. Cultural diversity is important in the modern globalized world as it aids in creation of an atmosphere at workplaces and other areas such as schools where people are able to tolerate the practices of others and learn together. Cultural diversity is important in the modern globalized world and organizations whose workforce is diversified deliver better results because of acceptability and easy learning of the employees.

Cultural diversity is one of the growing important trends in the social places as people are becoming more aware of the importance of working and living with other people peacefully. The world is becoming smaller and people who would not have interacted are not interacting with each other through use of social media. Further, the communications technology and increase in the online business and online outsourcing means that people can work in the same organization without limitation of geographic locations. In this context, it is important for people to appreciate cultural diversity in order to be able to work together and learn from one another. For instance, in the United States, the level of cultural diversity requires people to appreciate living with people from other ethnicities, religions, races, and cultural backgrounds. Without appreciation and recognition of the importance of cultural diversity, the globalization of businesses and organizations cannot be much successful (Romanenko 44-68).

The demography of the United States is undergoing significant change with increased diversity of people from all over the world. People are now able to get citizenship of other countries because of the legislation changes happening in the world. In this context, people from other cultural backgrounds find themselves working together in organizations or living in the same neighborhoods. Diversity is important for the growth and development of an organization since people learn from one another. It is also important for people to learn on how to treat people from other cultural backgrounds because of the diversity of the customers who are likely to be interested in the products of a company. With the increasingly global business world, the importance of cultural diversity education in schools is growing as institutions admit students from diverse backgrounds. The diversity of the classroom is reflecting the future society and workplace. In this context, it is important for the education sector to instill the right attitudes and values to students to be able to relate with the future diversified world. Immigration in the world is increasing as nations change their laws to attract human resources and capital to their nations. In this context, cultural diversity of people is expected to grow all over the world making it important for people to have interpersonal skills towards other races, religious groups, ethnic groups, and other cultural attributes of the society (Tierney 101-154).

With the growing diversity in the business world and society at large, people from different backgrounds can work together to solve world issues. Diversity provides the people with an opportunity to share knowledge and ideas on various issues that may affect the human race. By improving the cultural competence of people at the places of work, employees deliver quality services to the people making organizations able to adapt to the expectations of the society. Further, cultural competence and ability to work with culturally diversified workforce makes organizations innovative as ideas and knowledge of individuals from various backgrounds are brought to the organization. It is important for the employees and other people in a culturally diversified society to be able to relate with people from other cultures. Cultural practices spans beyond the language. The practices of people from different cultural backgrounds are different and people should be able to identify the areas of cooperation. With cultural competence, an organization may be able to deliver to the expectations of employees and customers (Tchibozo 88-109).

Cultural diversity is important in the modern free business and social world where people are not limited by geographic locations. People are able to move from one place to another with ease leading to a society where people interact with others easily. The cultural backgrounds of employees working within an organization, people living in the society, or even students in a classroom are diverse. It requires cultural competence by the people to be able to deal with the people from other regions and backgrounds. With the increase in the diversity of the people, employees are able to learn from one another, share knowledge, and understand the importance of living in a diverse work environment. Cultural diversity is important in the modern globalized world and organizations whose workforce is diversified deliver better results because of acceptability and easy learning of the employees.

definition essay sample

Here is another definition essay sample

Definition essay sample on happiness


People define happiness from different perspectives depending on their background and their personal experiences. Although there lacks a scientific criterion to quantify happiness, most of the people anticipate to be happy; however, this is not always the case because there are many challenges that one has to overcome day in day out. The people living in absolute poverty believe that the primary source of happiness is through having fat bank accounts. However, among the wealthy people, the source of happiness is simply having a peace of mind. I believe that there is no correlation between money and happiness. Money is essential in the 21st century because it is the medium of exchange. More so, money is only an agent through which one can purchase the essential amenities and live a comfortable life; however, having a lot of money does not make one happy.

In fact, people who possess a lot of money live a very miserable life. They live a miserable life because they live in fear of being robbed, getting bankrupt, and cannot enjoy the freedom of association because everyone is suspicious.

As a result, they are always in the company of bodyguards, and they live a public life. Money can be employed to purchase unusual experiences or gifts; however, the happiness derived from such spending does not last, but it is temporal. Thus, I believe that happiness attributed to being mentally, emotionally and physically satisfied, irrespective of the amount of money one owns.

In my neighborhood, I have observed that there are people from all walks of life; however, their level of happiness differs. While the wealthy complain about increasing level of insecurity while suffering from lifestyle diseases, the middle appears to be enjoying life in abundance, and the poor complain about the high cost of living. I have also observed that the middle-class citizens are reported to have a longer live life expectancy than the poor and the wealthy. A close evaluation of the factors attributing to the extended life expectancy revealed that some middle-class individuals are happy. The primary source of happiness is pegged life experiences rather than the material things.

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