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compare and contrast a relevant scene or scenes from either Tartuffe or Britannicus and one of the films we have seen, preferably Rossellini or Corbia

Comparative Film Analysis Essay Example

Comparative Film Analysis Essay Example. Write a 4.5-page paper in which you compare and contrast a relevant scene or scenes from either Tartuffe or Britannicus and one of the films we have seen, preferably Rossellini or Corbiau. Check compare two books

Here are my suggestions.

If you focus on a very narrow theme, you might want to discuss several scenes.

In some cases, on the other hand, you may wish to more intensively compare/contrast one scene from a play and one from a film. This movie important review definition factors may help you understand.

The most obvious comparison might involve Tartuffe’s encounters with Dorine and Elmire in the play from the way these scenes are treated in Le Roi danse.

Note that Corbiau counts on the fact that his audience is quite familiar with these segments of Act III.

How does Corbiau use relate the scene to the larger aims of his film?

Does it have a different effect read in the context of Molière’s entire play and in the context Corbiau presents it?

What aspects of the scene does Corbiau emphasize or ignore and what is their effect?


We see in Britannicus that one’s status and power at court have to do with one’s access to the emperor, especially at times when others aren’t admitted into his presence.

Compare and contrast how this aspect of power is represented in Britannicus and in one of the films we have seen.
Power and the theater.

Wielding power can sometimes involve either acting or simply being center stage. Compare this aspect of Nero’s power in Britannicus with one or two scenes from either Rossellini’s or Corbiau’s film.

(If you would like to discuss acting in Tartuffe IV, convince me you can do a relevant comparison with a film).

Sometimes wielding power involves seeing, but not being seen, or acting.

Louis, the deus ex machina in Tartuffe, for example, or Nero who hides while forcing Junie to perform in Britannicus. Or Tartuffe who never stops acting (he pretends to be a pious Christian even while attempting to seduce Elmire), or Elmire who tries to stage a play to unmask him.

Compare/contrast one of these scenes with a relevant scene or scenes in one of the films.

Tartuffe Analysis Essay

Organization of your paper. You may wish to organize your by treating the scene from the play in full, followed by the film, or wish to devote each paragraph to a particular feature that you will compare or contrast in play and film.

But you must always begin with the 17th-century work.

In analyzing your scenes, you may be considering dialogue, action, order, context, stage directions (for plays) or cinematography.

But you should not list these elements as part of your argument.

As in your first paper, always make sure your reader understands what part of a given scene you are discussing.

In all cases, think carefully about your argument.

Make sure your interpretation doesn’t contradict the overall sense of the play or film.

Britannicus Analysis Essay and Summary

As in your first paper, your introduction must contain the following.

1) Titles and names of playwright and director.

2) An identification of the theme and scenes you will be considering.

3) A well-thought out argument that concerns your interpretation of the scenes or your judgment about their importance vis-à-vis the play and film.

Your paper should not be a simple list of differences and similarities.

Its organization should constantly relate back to the argument.
In all cases, your demonstration will be more effective if you avoid mind-reading.

Don’t pretend to know the intentions or Molière, Racine, Rossellini, or Corbiau. Show what they do and make an argument about the way different parts of a scene combine or relate to the whole.

The more evidence you bring to bear on the case, the more convincing it will be.
Racine is trying to

Molière wants to

Corbiau is saying that

Rossellini wants the audience to understand that

Molière’s stage instructions indicate that Tartuffe offers Elmire some licorice.

This gesture shows the audience that he is completely fooled by her cough.

Rossellini uses the same close-up shot of Louis that we saw the beginning of the scene that he used at the end.

This repetition reminds the audience, recalls, etc. Comparative Film Analysis Essay Example

In the first scene, Nero tells his mother……  In the later scene, he repeats this phrase, but …. This creates an ironic contrast, etc.

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