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Coaching of Sport

  1. Explain the benefits of a well-developed philosophy of life and of coaching in terms of a coaching career.

  1. Explain why a coach’s selection of objectives is one of the most important decisions he or she will make.
  1. Write a draft of your personal coaching philosophy. Think about the concepts that have been presented in the first three chapters of the textbook. Consider this information and your own ideas about your coaching objectives and priorities and your coaching style as you construct this draft.
  1. Reflect on your past sports experiences. Write 4 paragraphs on how you learned sportsmanship. Did your school have an athletes code of character or similar set of guidelines? How did your coaches influence your character and sportsmanship? What is your recommendation for strategies that schools, and coaches could use to build character and promote sportsmanship?
  1. Explain four components that should be included as part of team culture.
  1. Explain the coach’s role regarding the inverted U relationship between arousal and performance.
  1. Describe the “catch them doing good” mentality and explain its two functions in relation to preventive discipline.
  1. List the six variables that a coach needs to consider when making decisions about the design of a physical training program.
  1. Explain how the attitude of “more is better” is not an efficient way for coaches to train and condition athletes.
  1. Interview a coach of any sport at any level about managing her or his team. Before the interview, develop a set of questions that address challenges in each of the seven categories of team management. Ask the coach for her or his impression of the most difficult tasks involved in different areas of management. Which aspects of team management does she or he find most enjoyable and satisfying? Write a report on your interview, emphasizing the coach’s response that you found to be most interesting and informative.

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