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In what ways in Enkidu a “foil” or counterpoint to Gilgamesh?

After reading The Epic of Gilgamesh in our textbook, consider the following discussion questions.  Please click on the blue links for additional information you will need to know. CHOOSE OF THE FOLLOWING QUESTION 1. Why might we consider Gilgamesh a bad king at the beginning of this Sumerianwork? 2. Discuss the main themes: friendship, the …

Patient Communication Improvement

Patient Communication Improvement In an effort to reduce the number of patient complaints about nursing staff, organizational leadership has asked your department to prepare some preliminary research on a number of different topics. Patient Communication Improvement. Your topic is patient communication, such as the following: The types of communication that take place between nurses and …

What would make the British citizens decide to leave the EU

BACKGROUND INFORMATION What would make the British citizens decide to leave the EU Britain recently voted to leave the European Union (EU). The EU was created, in part, to better enable participating countries to participate and prosper in the global marketplace. What would make the British citizens decide to leave the EU? PROMPT You will …

Applied research proposal topics

This week you will begin to brainstorm ideas for the topic of your applied research proposal.  To assist you in this process, I have created the following list of potential topics for consideration: A Abduction Cases Aftercare/Re-Entry Services for Juveniles Aging Correctional Population Alcohol-Related Crime Alternatives to Incarceration Animal Cruelty Cases Armed Militia Arson Assault …