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Assume that you are a board member looking for a CEO of your nonprofit

Non Profit Organization Essay

Description: non profit organization essay

Assume that you are a board member looking for a CEO of your nonprofit. What skills and character traits would you look for in a CEO/Executive Director? Why?
2. You are now the CEO of a decent sized nonprofit. Who would you hire for to join your professional staff and why? List at least two positions.
3. Who should you look for in recruiting volunteers? As always, cite and reference in APA format.

Again, cite your source(s) and reply to at least one other student’s post.

4. What are various ways (list at least two) of awarding/recognizing volunteers for their work on behalf of a nonprofit?

Research paper on non profit organizations

5. Moore talks about the strategic triangle. What are the three components, and what comprises them?

6. How can logic models help with creating the proper strategy of the nonprofit’s mission?
7. Describe one way in which biological agents are different than chemical agents. (Please limit your response to only one so others in class will have other choices to discuss in this threaded discussion.) This is one of the mba research topics in strategic management.

8. In the event of an incident involving ricin and inhalational (aerosolized) anthrax in your community, where/who can the emergency manager go to for good advice about what protective actions the public should take to protect themselves and their loved ones from getting sick? Pick one excellent source of information and tell us why you would rely on this person or reference.

9. Select one recent public health incident or disaster mentioned by the CDC at: and describe the role of the emergency manager in the incident or disaster you selected. Consider unique challenges of the incident you selected.

10. Name one Non-Pharmaceutical Intervention (NPI) you could recommend to the public and employees of your organization that could help prevent the outbreak of a public health emergency. You may select a Community NPI or a Personal NPI. Discuss why you believe the NPI you selected is effective.

11. Search the North American HAZMAT Situations and Deployments Map for hazardous chemicals in a US community of your choice. ( ) What hazardous chemicals are located in the community? Did anything surprise or interest you as you searched for

Nonprofit management research paper topics

12.based on the required readings and your own exploration of the subject discuss some special challenges for first responders to chemical incidents. Feel free to discuss any aspect of the response, from equipment to the public information officer.
cals in the community?

13. What is a Radiological Dispersal Device (RDD), also known as a dirty bomb, and how does it differ from radiological emitters and nuclear bombs? What’s the biggest concern you would have as an emergency manger when dealing with an RDD in your community?

14. How is an Improvised Nuclear Device different than the nuclear bombs in the US and Russian military arsenals? What implications do these differences have for local emergency managers?

15. Describe some special needs populations in your community. What actions might a local emergency manager want to take to make sure those persons are better prepared for a disaster?

16. View FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute (EMI) website ( and identify one Independent Study course that addresses special needs populations during disasters. Briefly describe the course, including its length and cost. Does this course interest you? Why or why not? Get help writing a non profit organization essay.  Check the example of a falsifiable theory

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