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Assess the economic behavior of firms organized under different market structures

For this assignment you are going to examine an important policy issue: farm subsidies. Be sure to have reviewed pages 85-89 in your textbook on the topic of farm subsidies and Chapter 23 in your textbook and related handouts on Perfect Competition before completing this assignment.
Watch the video on farm subsidies at the following link:

Then read the following selections which are referenced below.

These first three selections are included within the Points of View Reference Center database which the CCBC library subscribes to and can be accessed through the following URL that can be pasted into a browser window.
“Farm Subsidies: An Overview”
“Point: Farm Subsidies Are no Longer Necessary”
“Counterpoint: Farm Subsidies Are Needed for American Farmers”
The following selections are available on the Internet.
Cato Handbook for Policymakers, 7th Edition, Chapter 18—Agricultural Policy at

“Richer Farmers, Bigger Subsidies” at
“In Signing Farm Bill, Obama Extols Rural Growth” at
Respond to the questions on the next page with proper application of economic theory in a minimum of three substantive paragraphs per question, and your answers to all of the questions in total should include a minimum of 1,500 words. To check your word count, select the text for each answer you provide. Microsoft Word will give a word count for the selected text.
Cite all sources in APA style. Utilize the textbook and the sources listed above as well as three additional peer-reviewed secondary sources to support your answers. Include parenthetical citations within the text and a Works Cited page.
Strive to write in a clear, logical and organized style using standards of proper written English. . Be sure to correct errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Be sure to proofread your paper carefully. It is helpful to print out a draft(s) and read it later, preferably the next day. Errors that were not apparent initially will be more obvious using this technique. Some people find it is helpful to read their paper aloud. They are able to identify errors by hearing them as well as seeing them.

Before submitting your assignment for grading, be sure to compare your paper against the grading rubric included with the assignment and make any needed adjustments accordingly. Attach your completed final product through the Assignments feature in Blackboard by 5/7/18.
Assess the economic behavior of firms organized under different market structures.
The most common example of a market with perfect competition is agriculture. How could farm subsidies distort a model of perfect competition? Explain.
One contemporary issue that we will research along with agriculture are taxpayer subsidies. American corn farmers receive billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies each year. These subsidies allow them to sell their grain at prices below what it costs to produce it, particularly for export markets. How do U.S. corn subsidies hurt Mexican farmers? What could be done to address this problem, and why would the solution be effective? In your research explore the historical developments of the agricultural export market.

Summarize the arguments both in favor of and against eliminating farm subsidies. After your evaluation, where do you stand on this issue and why?

Assess the economic behavior of firms organized under different market structures

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