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apa summary paper example

How to write a summary essay of an article

The aim of learning how to write an APA summary paper example of an article is to focus on presenting a concise version of the original. It presents the original intent, tone, subject, depth and range without distortion, manipulation or interpretation. The writing perspective will be in the third person, with the use of indirect speeches. Sometimes you can use quotes to write original author’s statements and opinions in the direct address.

This article answers the following questions:

How do you start off a summary?

What is the technique of summarizing?

How many paragraphs are in a summary?

What is a good introduction for a summary?

What makes a good summary?

How many sentences is a summary?

How long is a summary?

What are three characteristics of a good summary?

What is an effective summary?

How many types of summaries are there?

Essay Summary Outline: APA summary Paper Example

Essay summary outline means you have to give top priority to the core and essential issues in the essay topics. For this, you have to read (or study) the essay thoroughly.

·        Mark: Mark the critical, essential, and additional points in every paragraph. Your priority of summarising will be in the same order. You may have to omit certain points which are not relevant, directly related, non-essential, and trivial. However, you should not lose sight of the supporting characters and objects in marking.

·        Analyse: Analyse the flow of information from the start to the end. It may also involve the evolution of characters, the transformation of personalities, the flow of concepts, ideas and theories, etc. You should not try to change the direction of flow anywhere in your summary. You may increase the pace by omitting little events and objects. Consider the following example.

How to begin an essay summary

You may write the summary of an essay related to the WWII. You can start with the initiation of the essay and follow the path. For example, you may begin with “In his depiction of the pre-world-war II scenario, the author portrays the invasion of Poland by the Nazi military forces”.

Critical summary essay examples

For the critical summary essay examples, you can consider “The German Invaded Poland on 1st September 1939 History Essay”.  Here, you can categorize your summary into the rise of Hitler, the formation of the Nazi party, reasons for Poland invasion, the beginning and the capture.

Summary response essay outline

·        The Summary response essay outline you write has to be in bulleted points. They can depict a timeline, the flow of events, critical events, etc.

·        Read the examples of a good summary from the online sources about the topic you wish to write. It gives you precise ideas about the writing method and flow. So how many paragraphs are in a summary? If the examiner or the teacher has specified the maximum number of words, you won’t have any issues. You may wonder how long should a summary be. Otherwise, you have to decide the length based on the original essay.

·        Capture the main idea/concept in every sub-topic of the essay. Read how the author has interpreted them. Note down his opinions and comments. Rewrite them in your own words by reducing the volume.

How to write a summary essay examples

If you want to know how to write summary essay examples, conducting detailed research is the only way. Read all the online examples from various writers. Everyone will have their unique style of writing. However, they don’t go beyond the boundaries set by the original essay author.

Focus on the main characters, events, and objects in the original essay. Use bulleted points to cover the critical events. For example, you can write about the chronology of the Poland invasion as follows.

1.      September 1, 1939 – German army approaches the Warsaw city

2.      September 3, 1939 – German army brakes through the Polish defenses

Then you can summarise every point from the original author’s perspective. It is the best of writing examples which the others can follow.

How to write a summary of an article example

·        Every summary example should have a citation for the original ideas, concepts, and also the source code,

·        Summarize the subject. For example, you can write “In this essay the author describes the fall of France to the Nazi army during the WWII”.

·        Limit the number of quoted statements by the author to narrate the direct statements. When it is in excess, it can overshadow your summary. The teachers and examiners may downgrade your essay summary example.

·        Avoid your interpretation and comments on the essay unless they are required. Use the third person perspective to depict only the author’s opinion.

·        Read the expert essay summary examples from specialists. You may also read such examples written by your seniors.

Journal article summary example

The Journal article summary example you create should have an introduction, essay summary, findings and personal comments if any.

·        Read the article completely without missing any points, however trivial they may seem.

·        Identify all the characters, concepts, ideas, process flow, etc.

·        Refer to the scholarly sources of the article and find out the key points of reference by the essay author. It gives you critical information about how the author might have interpreted the data and incorporated it into his essay.

·        Identify the core purpose of the journal and write it in the introduction. Avoid stating the author’s intention directly. For example, you may write “The journal from Mr Author is stated to be aimed at exploring the link between dementia healing and anti-ageing treatments.

·        Write the summary of every key point covered by the author in his journal.

·        If a journal research paper consists of a product/recipe ingredients, you may choose to omit them unless they are explicitly required for the summary.

·        You have to use the phrase “According to the author” frequently. It is to ensure the reader understands your writing as a summary.

Summary Writing Tips

·        Read the original essay completely. If required you may read it more than once.

·        Mark all the critical, essential, and required points. Avoid insignificant points.

·        Start with the author name and the stated purpose.

·        Write the summary of a paragraph within a sentence.

·        The main purpose of the original essay should be maintained without the slightest deviation.

·        All the characters and objects in the original essay should have the same name.

·        Follow the same flow of events and processes as in the main summary.

·        Categorize the summary into convenient sections. Make sure every section is relevant from the perspective of the original essay.

·        Read the summary examples written by the experts and your seniors.

·        Sometimes the author may state an argument. Write them within quotes.

·        Prepare the APA summary paper example

·        Read the draft and compare it with the original.

·        You can ask your friends and seniors to read your summary and give you feedback.

·        Make the required changes and prepare the final summary.

How to write a critical analysis for dummies

If you want to know How to write a critical analysis for dummies, it is important to focus on the details. For example, you may write about the topic “ABC of car engine repair for dummies” as a critical analysis. Then you need to provide links to the basic definition of objects from the screwdriver to the engine’s internal parts. Writing a summary is closely related to writing a rhetorical precis template.

You may not cover all the parts of the engine in summary. However, you have to cover all the parts which the original essay has covered.

·        Use simple language and presentation style.

·        Avoid usage of complex technical words unless they are required. For example, the scientific name of common tamarind is Garcinia-Cambogia. If the original essay contains the scientific name, you can use it. Make sure you also add a list of simple word meanings to them at the end.

·        Avoid repeating the similar concepts and ideas. You will know about such recurrences in the main essay when you read and make notes. You can mark a reference to the earlier illustrations.

·        People who read the analysis should be able to read the interpretation of the original author. Hence, you need to avoid writing your comments and opinions.

·        The critical analysis may contain opinions and ideas of many people who may clash with each other. For example, consider the critical analysis of the American role in WWII after Pearl Harbor attack. The essay may contain many of the opinions in favor of the USA and many opinions against it. Then you can categorize your summary into for and against sections.

·        Make sure you provide the citations of all the reference points used in the original essay.

What are the good examples of an article summary

If you want to know what the good examples of an article summary are, it is better to refer to the summary of scholarly articles written by experts online. They will give you important insights into the many aspects of writing the summary.

·        Identify the type of article. It could be argumentative, empirical, conceptual, descriptive, chronological, or other types.

·        Identify the critical, major and minor goals of the article.

·        Prioritize your summary in the same order.

·        You can refer to blogs, forums, and the related content sources to find the examples.

·        Read the research and analysis works from subject experts from printed books.

They give you important inputs about structuring the APA summary paper example.

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