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analyze the literary elements within characterization help to develop a common theme.

Major Literary Research Essay Length: 1500-1750 words (not including Works Cited) in MLA format, 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced Source requirement: Seven (7) total sources. Two(2) primary sources (text of one drama assigned in class and one professional work of student’s choice to develop one specific theme) and five (5) scholarly secondary sources. These secondary sources MUST come from a Blinn Library Database. Two of your five secondary sources MUST be literary sources. While all five sources can be literary, you may use scholarly sources from other fields to support your analysis (e.g., discussing your other primary source or discussing your theme).**You must analyze at least one textual drama we have read in this course to analyze in your essay** You must include a “Works Cited” page and use correct MLA format for in-text (parenthetical) citations. Please consult your handbook for this correct format. For this assignment, write a researched literary analysis essay over two primary sources. One of your sources MUST be from the Norton textbook that we have read this semester: Trifles, Oedipus the King,Antigone,A Doll’s House, A Streetcar Named Desire, or Othello.  1) Decide which assigned drama you would like to analyze in your Major Research Essay.  2) You must decide on a theme you find in your chosen drama that you would like to develop into an essay. 3) Once you decide upon a theme, you should look for another primary source to bring into your discussion to develop this theme; that is, your other primary source must develop this same theme. •This other primary source must be a professionally published or produced work of literature or entertainment; this source could be a short story, another written drama, a novel, a film, a television series, etc.  •You should look for something that develops this same theme you want to analyze in your chosen drama.4) Prewrite, research, and plan your essay. Begin your Annotated Bibliography and Paper Proposal with Outline.•You MUST analyze the literary elements within BOTH primary works (e.g, setting, POV, speaker, characterization, symbol, figurative language, etc.) that help to develop a common theme. •Within this essay, you might discuss the significance of the similar themes in your chosen drama and a contemporary drama. Or, you could discuss how your chosen theme (through setting, characters, etc.) remains relevant through time from your chosen drama to a contemporary television show. You are not limited to these topics. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions about this assignment or would like to run an idea past me for feedback. •2 of your 5 scholarly sources must be literary. The other 3 scholarly sources can be from other fields of study, but they still must be scholarly.5) Begin your draft of Essay #3.
•You must offer analysis. I do not want a simple list of the differences between two works. I want you to analyze the “how” and “why” of your major points. I expect this to be a detailed, thoughtful, and well-structured analysis. •You will be graded on your ability to present an informed, effective argument that demonstrates your understanding of the subject, displays your research into its issues, effectively uses source material (in summary, paraphrase, and cogent quotations), and reaches logical, substantiated conclusions based on well-organized and subordinated claims. •Seven sources (two primary and five scholarly/critical) must be cited in the final draft of your Literary Research Essay. Your drafts are expected to contain a cogent, well-formed argument based on preliminary work and to be presented in the MLA style, which is a required, graded element of this assignment. analyze the literary elements within characterization help to develop a common theme.

analyze the literary elements within  characterization help to develop a common theme.

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