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analytical argument about one of the issues raised by the texts

analytical argument – Toulmin model


Write an analytical argument about one of the issues raised by the texts (some are in the attached file, but could be any text of Wood, Nancy V. Perspectives on Argument, 9th ed. Boston: Pearson, 2018. ISBN: 978-0-13-439288-2 chapter 18 or pages 455 to 469.) we’ve read and viewed ( in this class concerning perspectives on race, culture, and identity in America. You should make a claim about an issue related to race, culture, and identity in America, and support that claim by analyzing and quoting from the texts we’ve read/viewed for class.
You should support your claim using only the class texts – no outside research, and you must use at least TWO of these texts in your essay. Apply the Toulmin model (
Here are some sample ideas to help you with your essay:
• What seems to be the underlying cause for much of the discrimination described in these texts?
• What can Americans do to promote equality?
• What role does race and ethnicity play in people’s sense of identity?
• How has your view about a particular issue from the texts changed after reading these texts?
• How does one text help shed light on another? (For example, how does the Dorinne Kondo piece about being Japanese American in Japan help illuminate a piece about race in America?) Note: this topic works best if the two works have a connection you might not notice at first glance.
• How do two or more texts differ with each other in an important way? Analyze the effect of that difference.
• Criticize or disagree with a text and analyze its failings, using one of our other texts to speak to the issues it raises.
• At first this text seems _______________________, but upon closer examination of ____________________________, it is really/also _________________________.
• Or pick your own!

This essay must be 3-4 pages long, with 12-point Times New Roman font, in MLA format.

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