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American Realism in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

American Realism in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Essay

Critical analysis Huckleberry Finn essay. You are expected to demonstrate competence in if not mastery of, all aspects of composition. Your paper will, therefore, be evaluated on the basis of its content, organization, diction, style, grammar, mechanics, and current MLA formatting. See the Essay Grading Rubric for more information.

You are writing a critical analysis, so avoid merely summarizing or paraphrasing the work. Take the perspective that your audience is already very familiar with the work.

Use direct, primary quotations, but only when they are applicable to your topic and supportive of your thesis. Do not “pad” your essay; write concisely. Strong, concise writing will improve the content and readability of your essay.
3.      Use current MLA format for the paper, including parenthetical documentation and a work(s) cited page. No cover page or outline is required.
4.      Essay 1 must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 5. Essay 2 must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module/Week 8. Essays submitted late without approved excuse may be initially penalized 1 letter grade and additional letter grades for every 2 days that pass thereafter. Technical difficulties do not constitute a valid excuse for a late submission.

Huckleberry Finn Essay Essay Prompts

Essay 1 (Module/Week 5)
There are many literary genres under the broad category of American realism, such as travel writing, apprenticeship novel, psychological novel, local color writing, sociological satire, picaresque, parody, burlesque, etc. Focusing on either Adventures of Huckleberry Finn or Portrait of a Lady, compose a 4–6-page essay that shows why the work falls under a particular literary genre such as one listed above.
Begin by researching the definitions and descriptions of the specific genre.

Then look for these characteristics in the work you have selected. Consult at least 2 secondary sources, particularly journal articles, to support your argument.
In summary, your paper must quote or paraphrase from a source (such as a literary handbook) to define your genre; it must provide evidence from the selected novel itself, and it should refer to secondary sources (journals and books about the work) to support your argument.

Critical analysis  huckleberry Finn Essay assignment Example

Huckleberry Finn Readers response Essay


After reading “Huckleberry Finn”, write a 3 paragraph short response or a Critical analysis huckleberry Finn essay. On the response, make sure you include:
1. Your overall response to the novel. Include favorite moment and why it is your favorite moment. (1 paragraph).

2. A Literary device and a Literary Element that were very well used in the novel. Include an example for each and why why you chose this. ( 1paragraph)

3. Theme: “The author is saying that…”( The theme cannot be a single word). Support your choice of theme with at least two examples or reasons. Also, include 1-2 questions to possibly further explore with research.

(1 paragraph)  This idea can be applied in writing the adventures of huckleberry finn summary in 100 words, huckleberry finn literary analysis essay, short critical analysis of huckleberry finn,  or huckleberry finn analysis essay. Remember you can get a fresh analysis essay at


The adventures of Huckleberry Finn critical reviews Example

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Critical analysis huckleberry Finn essay

The Novel is captivating. It is an interesting literary piece that explores two conflicting worlds in a single narration. The poor versus the rich. How a poor boy comes to luck and instead of enjoying his luck, lives a long miserable life.

The novel also displays the dynamics of bonded people versus free people. How humanity connects both the bonded and the free people, showing that slavery is just a concept that makes people look and be treated differently and yet they are the same.

The favorite moment is when Huck hides Jim and struggles to go with him to the free states, regardless of the fact that Huck new that there was a prize to be given to whoever would find Jim. Huck would have given up Jim for the prize, but instead took the trouble of hiding him, escaping with him, and even fighting for his release when Jim is recaptured. This showed that humanity surpass social status and desire for wealth.

Huckleberry Finn literary analysis essay

Symbolism and imagery are used very well in this novel. The river symbolizes a path, a bridge where Hunk and Jim pass through. On the mainland, Jim was a slave, while Hunk was haunted by his father and his adoptive aunt.

These two gentlemen find solace in the river. The short solace they found in an island was soon diluted when they were informed by a woman that her husband saw the smoke coming out of the island, and the suspected Jim to be hiding on the island. This forces them to be on the move again in the river.

Using rafts as pieces of transport is portrayed to be more peaceful to the two as compared to life in the island. Therefore, the river symbolizes a refuge that can be used by the two as a transition from slavery to freedom. From oppression to a better life.

At the end of the novel, Hunk is happy and rich again, Tom’s leg has healed, and Jim is no longer a slave having been freed by the widow’s will. Therefore, even if they come back to the same place they started, being in the river all that time has made a difference for both of them. Hunk also symbolizes America at some point.

Critical analysis of novel Huckleberry Finn

Hunk is poor, comes up to a fortune, but does not enjoy the fortune. He benefits from slavery a bit, but realizes that he can do better at protecting the slaves and fighting for liberation than giving them up for the prize. In the end Hunk (America) leads to the freedom of many bonded men. You may want to refer to movie review examples for college students

The main theme of this novel is friendship. In this novel, the writer shows that true friendship surpasses all sorts of social status, and can be the bridge between civilizations.

When Jim discovers that the dead body in the floating house belongs to Hunk’s father, he does not disclose this, although he had no duty of care towards Hunk.

He was just afraid that his friend may be stressed by the death of his father. Hunk has also hidden and sacrificed so much for Jim not be captured, although he was a free man himself. Tom sacrificed himself to be shot just to protect Jim. The other questions that can be analyzed in this novel are:

a)     Analysis of the conflict between civilization and tradition in the novel

b)      The theme of racism in the novel.

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