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Agency, collectivist, individualist, socialistic and capitalistic socioties

Simmel, and Sahlins). Discuss these various arguments and how you feel about that theorized changes. To what degree do you feel these changes are positive or negative? Which of these theories seem to reflect changes you see in our society, and which seem misguide or inaccurate?

There are various readings and associated presentations that are critical of capitalism (e.g. Marx and Sahlins), and others that are pro-capitalist (Davis & Moore and Rand). Discuss these various theories and provide your informed judgment of this debate.

The best papers will critically engage the relevant ideas presented on this topic. While relating to these questions on a personal level is encouraged, I also want to see you weave in a discussion of the readings that reflects your close reading of the assigned material and thoughtful reflection of the ideas presented in class.
Use these sociologists and terms in paper

  1. Agency, collectivist, individualist, socialistic and capitalistic socioties
    2.Karl Marx
    A. Asiactic socioties, fuedal socioties, species being, spcialization in workforce, socialism/communism
    B. Limited goverment, false/class conciousness, dominant/revolutionary ideology, true/false needs
    2. Max Webber
    A. Value rational action, affective action, traditional action, rationally purposful action
    B. Authority, legitimate authority, rational legal authority, psuedocharisma
    C. Bureacuracy, trained incapacity
    3. Ferdinand Tonnies
    A. Gemeinshaft, Gesellshaft
    4. Emile Durkiem
    A. Mechanical Solidarity, Organic Solidarity
    5. George Simmel
    A. Traditional/ Rural Socoties Vs. Modern/ urban
    B. Blase attitude
    6. Marshall Sahlins
    A. affluence
    B. Hunter Gathering Culture
    7. Davis/ Moore
    A Sustenance and Comfort, Humor and Diversion
    B. why inequality is necessary
    C. Stratification
    8. Ayn Rand
    A. Why capitalism is good

You do not have to use every term, i just added all of them so yiu can get a context of what the professor has taught and whants to see in the essay. As long as you use most of the terms and most of the Philosophers and gets atleast 1500 words, youll be okay. You Do Not Need Citations or list sources. Agency, collectivist, individualist, socialistic and capitalistic socioties

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